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About This Baccalaureate Degree-Completion Program

This educational approach develops a well-rounded individual who is not only prepared for a job that exists now but is also equipped with transferable skills to use in jobs that have not yet been created.

American Association of Colleges and Universities, The Liberal Arts: Preparing the Workforce of the Future Steve Dorman and Kelli Brown

Today’s world of work requires the ability to apply a breadth and depth of knowledge across fields and disciplines. It’s no longer enough, in other words, to know one thing really well. To advance in your career, you’ll need to prepare for an array of emerging challenges and opportunities.

No matter which field you’re in, change is certain to affect your future – whether it’s in markets, technologies, products or methods.

In today’s economy, it’s essential you possess the ability to innovate, adapt and think critically in a variety of contexts. With this degree, you can use a range of perspectives – from business to philosophy – to solve the difficult problems of the 21st century.

Success in Any Field

This program – which is filled with essential knowledge for the global market – was carefully designed to give you the skills needed for success in any career of the contemporary world of work.

Upon graduating, you’ll have an increased understanding of global dynamics, multicultural relations, innovative thinking, leadership and more. You’ll also possess a solid grounding in many academic subjects, making you a more well-rounded person. This mix of academic and professional abilities is highly attractive to potential employers.

Why Liberal Studies?

Traditional specializations – such as the hard sciences or engineering – can no longer singlehandedly address the rapid global changes facing today’s professional workforce. That’s especially true in urban contexts, where industries and individuals fuse into dense, creative clusters.

What’s needed in these fiercely competitive spaces is a degree that lies at the intersection – not only of technology and the liberal arts, but of fields, disciplines and industries. This is that degree.

From the internet and social media to artificial intelligence and automation, it’s clear that the modern professional will need a set of skills based on critical thinking and a versatile, business-minded approach to the shifting, global world.

With that in mind, CSUN’s distinguished faculty came together to craft this program, which prepares you for the work, ideas and changes you’ll face as you advance in your career in the 21st century.

What can this degree do for me and my career options?

This is a program that fosters the conceptual capacities to lead in a changing world. It opens the way for a wide range of career fields. When you finish, you’ll possess a degree from a respected university, which is essential to advancement in every industry.

CSUN’s B.A. in Liberal Studies degree opens up many professional opportunities, including those in organizational leadership, global business, public sector agencies, media and entertainment, communications, marketing and sales, health care, education and much more. This degree can also significantly increase your earning potential and help you develop the advanced skills and thinking to move into senior roles and positions in your chosen field.

With this degree, you’ll know how to make the hard, executive decisions; to think creatively and understand abstract ideas; to anticipate the needs and challenges of diverse teams, organizations and industries; and to make a positive difference in the world around you.

In short, you’ll have everything you need for a long and successful career in the contemporary world of work as well as in your community life. Whether you stay in your current field or enter a new one, this liberal education program helps you advance to the next level.

The reason Apple is able to create products like the iPad is because we've always tried to be at the intersection of technology and the liberal arts

Steve Jobs

The Value of a Global Perspective

As you progress in your courses, this program helps you build the cross-cultural skills to interact with people and businesses from around the world. You’ll study everything from language and operations to local customs and culture.

And when you finish, you’ll possess the agile, interpersonal ability to thrive as a global professional – one with immense value in today’s workforce.

A Purposeful Set of Courses

The program is offered in the CSUN cohort format, which allows faculty to work together and link courses and topics across the program. Each course builds on the last, connecting discussions in meaningful ways – and, more importantly, cultivating your ability to see problems and possibilities from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives. Through this course sequence, you’ll build a comprehensive view of themes and subjects, while also learning how to:

  • Define modern challenges
  • See alternative possibilities in a broader context
  • Shape a way forward in professional and personal life.

Advancing to Professionally Focused Master’s Degrees

When you finish this program, you’ll be prepared for graduate study in a range of fields and disciplines. You’ll possess the dynamic skills and thinking to bridge your baccalaureate lessons and course work with advanced research and practice.

Among the many options at a wide range of institutions are master’s degrees in social work, public administration, public health, applied behavior analysis, assistive technologies human services, diverse community development, counseling, instructional design, psychology, sociology, education, marketing, law, urban planning, communications, journalism, media, music industry administration, and many more. There are, of course, many of these and other graduate degree options at CSUN including a number that are also fully online.

With more than 85 post-baccalaureate programs, including doctoral degrees and professional certificates, CSUN is now the fourth largest graduate-serving university in California.

Is this program for me?

This baccalaureate degree-completion program is designed for busy professionals who have completed some college but have never finished a baccalaureate degree. If you’ve already earned 60 or more college-level semester credit units*, this program is the ideal choice for you to finish your baccalaureate degree.

*Applicants must meet all CSUN lower-division General Education requirements.

The U.S. Department of Commerce reports that an individual with “some college” can expect to earn an average of $36,800 per year while an individual with a bachelor’s degree can expect an average of $52,000. That’s more than $15,000 in additional annual income for completing your bachelor’s degree.

What are the important distinctions of CSUN’s approach to developing and offering fully online degrees?

A Learning Community: When you enroll in one of our online degree or certificate programs, you join a learning community of faculty and students and remain together until graduation. This format, in addition to creating close bonds, leads to very high on-time graduation rates (student success).

Cohorts with a Purposefully Crafted Curriculum: CSUN fully virtual programs are not just a series of courses, but a comprehensive curriculum with one course building on another, giving you a powerful, cumulative learning experience.

An Authentic CSUN Baccalaureate Education: Our online degree programs have limited enrollment and are taught by CSUN faculty and selected experienced practitioners. The engagement between faculty and students is the same as in any CSUN traditional baccalaureate degree.

Engagement with Faculty in Virtual Programs: This program is based on real-time live interaction between faculty and students. While assignments and group work have time flexibility during any given week, the heart of each course is the direct engagement between faculty and students, and among students.

Outcomes that Matter for You: Making the decision to return to a university to complete a degree often requires a good deal of determination and commitment. While starting degree study is an important step, the real measure of success is finishing that degree. Our fully online programs boast on-time graduation rates well above the national average, and those graduation rates are achieved at a faster pace.

Preparing You for Your Success: When you enter one of our online degree programs, you’ll begin a two-week orientation to prepare for a successful course of study. This helps ensure you’re ready to navigate the program’s online environment well before the first day of class.

Courses Designed for Educational Impact: Before a program begins, our faculty members spend four to six months working with one of CSUN’s credentialed instructional designers. This ensures each course represents the distinctive scholarly expertise and teaching style of a particular faculty member linked to the ability to use the digital education options to craft exceptional online courses.

The Step Between Degree Completion and Practice: A number of online graduate programs are focused on preparing graduates for professional practice in high demand fields. Some of these fields require graduates to pass a national licensure exam before being fully credentialed as a practitioner in the field. Graduates of CSUN’s fully online programs pass such licensure/credential exams on the first attempt at rates far above the national average.

The Credibility of Educational Achievements: Our online programs are recorded in university records like all other CSUN programs, regardless of delivery mode. CSUN is well known for its educational impact and is part of the largest university system in the nation. The university has global connections and a global reputation. Successful completion of a CSUN virtual degree will be a respected educational credential for the rest of your life.

The Bonds and the Networks: Because our degree and certificate programs are cohorted and have a geographically wide reach, students enrolled develop a connection with other members of the cohort that span over their shared educational experience. Cohorts bring together a diverse group of midcareer adults with a wide range of professional roles and experiences. This leads to a rich educational exchange and many lasting connections that expand your professional network.