This program is only available for contract (i.e. for employers who wish to commission and fund an exclusive cohort of the program for their employees). If you'd like to learn more about this program, please contact us by submitting the form on the left of this page. Thank you!

The career options of behavior analysts are many and diverse, since the research, scope and practice of these practitioners vary tremendously.

In today's globally competitive, fast-paced world, those who lead will need to know how to leverage organizational knowledge in order to create a competitive advantage. A degree in Knowledge Management will help your organization not only survive but thrive in this hyper competitive, knowledge-based world.

Often favored today over its first cousin, the MBA, Knowledge Management graduates are equipped to meet organizational challenges in the age of information and technology. Harnessing knowledge and maximizing workforce efforts are the linchpins of organizational success.

Graduates will:

  • Enhance employee and team performance across the board... and across the globe
  • Foster innovation in research, operations, product design, marketing and sales
  • Build and transfer knowledge seamlessly throughout an enterprise
  • Identify, acquire, organize, share, and leverage knowledge to achieve organizational goals
  • Strategically position world-class organizations in a changing global economy

What is Knowledge Management, and how is a Master of Knowledge Management different from other degree choices?

Knowledge Management is...

  • About creating value by building and leveraging what your organization knows
  • The process an organization implements to maximize value from its intellectual and knowledge-based assets (what it knows), including its people, processes and technologies

While the Master of Knowledge Management’s interdisciplinary content includes many topics covered in a traditional MBA program, Knowledge Management graduates will also be equipped to lead organizations in acquiring, developing, and sharing knowledge that creates value for themselves and their organizations.

With the Master of Knowledge Management you can...

  • Lead a fortune 500 company as the CEO or CKO (Chief Knowledge Officer)
  • Serve as the CTO (Chief Technical Officer) of a global business or organization
  • Become a highly sought-after Engineer-Manager (EM) with a synthesis of technological, communication and management skills that rival your engineering manager counterparts
  • Lead public- and private-sector organizations to successfully compete
  • Manage one of the many growing 21st century knowledge-based organizations. Today, businesses that employ Knowledge Professionals/Officers include Earnest & Young, Pratt Whitney Rocketdyne, Vcorp Services, Chevron and Xerox, to name a few.

In this Information Age, industries that manage and provide services, information and knowledge -- especially those that cannot be outsourced,- -- will continue to increase in size and demand. To manage the 21st century enterprise, leaders need to be savvy in utilizing relevant technologies, engaging modern communications, managing distant and diverse staff, and leveraging global networks to achieve competitive strategic goals. To that end, the CSUN Master of Knowledge Management program uniquely prepares the managerial leader for the 21st century economy and organization.