SAGE (an acronym for study, activity, growth and enrichment) is a self-supporting group of retired and semi-retired people who share a passion for learning and meet to exchange knowledge and develop new interests.

SAGE has about 175 members committed to active learning. Every semester, SAGE's study-discussion committee plans a series of seminars based on suggestions from group members. Seminars are conducted by SAGE members, who research the topics, make presentations and moderate lively discussions.

Examples of SAGE Topics:

  • From Stage to Screen: Plays into Movies
  • The Social Safety Net
  • Evolution of U.S. Immigration Policy
  • U.S. Foreign Affairs and Tension Areas
  • Masterpieces of Literature

SAGE offers several lunch forums each year in the San Fernando Valley featuring expert speakers, and sponsored a Senior Computers class on the CSUN campus for more than 20 years that taught computer basics to senior citizens.

For more information, call (818) 831-5064, e-mail, or visit the SAGE website.


SAGE website