CSUN: Over Two Decades in Online Learning

As one of the nation’s early providers of online education, we possess the experience and technology to deliver courses and programs to professionals all over the world.

Our online degrees and certificates feature live class sessions, on-demand access to course materials and daily networking opportunities. When you graduate, you’ll possess the advanced skills and knowledge to accelerate your career, grow your organization, or enter a new market.

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Why You Should Choose Us

Experience purposeful course design.

When we design online courses and programs, we don’t simply layer one on top of another. We carefully plan a sequence, with each course building on earlier lessons to give you a powerful, cumulative learning experience.

Since our first virtual program launched in 1999, we’ve continuously refined our approach to ensure each course is user friendly, academically rigorous, and aligned with market demands.

Same great programs, all online.

Our online programs, which are taught by industry experts, help you acquire the advanced knowledge and confidence for success at the highest levels of your industry.

When you finish, you’ll possess the sophisticated skillset for immediate career advancement – and, thanks to our convenient online platform, you can do it all from the comfort and safety of home.

Earn a professional certificate from anywhere, at any time.

Honed for career development, our online certificate programs help you advance professionally and enter the workforce, all in a short amount of time. With small class sizes plus handpicked faculty and practitioners, you can count on a high-quality education, designed to expand your personal and professional options.

Interact with professors and peers in real time.

In live online sessions, your instructors will lead virtual discussions, teach learning modules, and connect you with likeminded students from around the country.

While assignments and groupwork can be flexible, the heart of each course is the direct engagement between faculty and students, and of course, among the students themselves.

Access course material on demand.

On our user-friendly platform, you can access course material at your convenience. View recordings of previous classes, review lessons or catch up on the day’s study – it’s all up to you, and available when and where you need it.

Get personal, ongoing support.

From day one, you’ll receive the support of a personal program team. These specialists, in addition to being good listeners, can help you with all administrative matters, freeing you to focus on your course work and your career.

Learn with a community – from start to finish.

When you enter one of our online programs, you join a learning community of students and faculty. With this group of professionals and industry experts, you’ll move toward graduation, building a network along the way and setting the stage for advancement in your field.

A powerful network is a part of every program.

With online learning, it’s never been easier to build a professional network. Whether your classmates live just up the street or come from across the country, a new, meaningful connection is only a click away – and, for many, it lasts a lifetime.

When you graduate, your classmates – now colleagues – come with you. Often professionals in the sector, with whom you share a deep connection, these peers can play an important role in the future of your career. Watch cohort experience video.

Distinguish yourself with lasting credentials.

Like our on-campus programs, online degrees and certificates appear on official university transcripts – and your diploma, when you finish, will look no different than if you had achieved it in person. By choosing online, you earn the same respected education; the only contrast is in how you attend.

Online programs from a university you can trust.

All of our online programs are accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), and many possess field-specific accreditations as well. On professional and licensure exams, our students regularly score as high or higher than their on-campus counterparts – and, in many fields, we lead the nation in pass rates.

Receive guaranteed tuition.

When you enter one of our programs, you pay the same price from start to finish. No changes, no increases – just the amount you agreed to at the start. By ensuring a fixed price, we give you the peace of mind to continue your studies without changes or disruptions.

Take courses designed and taught by industry experts.

Before a program begins, our professors spend four to six months working with a credentialed instructional designer. During that time, the team works to integrate the instructor’s personal teaching style and expertise into every lecture, assignment and learning module.

By the start of your courses, your program is likely many years in the making, and it’s all to give you a unique learning experience, built on the ideas and principles necessary for rapid professional growth.

Be ready on day one.

To ensure your success, we start all online programs with a two-week orientation, in which you’ll learn the technology, meet new classmates and prepare for future study – all before the first day of class.

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