The Tseng College Financial Aid Office

Fully staffed and working remotely: Please contact us via email at

Phone: (818) 677-7523 available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Location: Extended University Commons, 2nd floor (Admissions, Registration and Client Services)

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Financial Aid Requirements

To be considered for Financial Aid, you must be admitted into California State University, Northridge through Admissions and Records, and the Department. You must also complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply (enter CSUN's Federal School Code of 001153).

Students who have been scholastically disqualified from CSUN and students who have not been officially admitted to CSUN are not eligible for financial aid through the Tseng College.

You must officially maintain at least half-time enrollment to remain eligible for loan(s).

Undergraduate half-time status = 6 units.

Graduate and Certificate half-time status = 4 units.

Undergraduate students could qualify for the Pell Grant, Cal Grant, Subsidized, and/or Unsubsidized Stafford Loan.

Graduate and Certificate students could qualify for the Unsubsidized Stafford Loan.

Loan Documents

Tseng College Forms and Documents

The Financial Aid Process

The Financial Aid Department receives your information from the FAFSA processing center electronically. You may be selected to submit additional information. Check your MyCSUN portal account for steps you need to take in order to receive your financial aid.

Once all required documentation is received, and verified you will receive confirmation. An Award Notification letter will be sent (via your CSUN email account). Upon review of the award, if you choose to borrow a student loan you must activate the loan through MyCSUN portal. You may be required to complete Loan Entrance Counseling and a Master Promissory Note, please see the links provided below.

Lastly, funds are disbursed after the first course starts in the term in which you're enrolled. Funds will transmit to the University electronically from the lender, credit your account and disburse any remaining balance to you the following week. This process will occur and apply each semester. Your tuition is deferred each semester until financial aid funds are received and credited to your account.

Sign up for Direct Deposit under MyCSUN.

Veteran's Benefits

US Military Veterans and Military Dependents that are approved for VA Educational Benefits should contact the CSUN Veterans Affairs Office at (818) 677-5928 or email


Fees on student accounts can be sponsored (paid for) by an organization. A third party sponsor can be an employer, the military, department of vocational rehabilitation or a foreign government.

A family member, friend, etc. are NOT sponsors and will not be considered for sponsorships.

Scholarships and grants are NOT sponsorships. If you have questions about a scholarship or grant, please email the Financial Aid and Scholarships office at: or

I. Third Party Sponsorship:

  • Third Party Sponsorships are contractual agreements with the University and authorizations with The Tseng College.
  • Third Party Sponsors must submit authorizations to pay for partial or full tuition and other fees, parking, housing and meal plans for the student/s whom they sponsor.
  • The student is responsible for any portion of the tuition and other fees not covered by the Sponsor.

II. Who can sponsor a student?

  1. Corporation/Organization: A contractual agreement with the University or prior arrangement with the Tseng College is required from the sponsoring corporation/organization. Students or organizations must send the authorization to Tseng College finance. The agency authorization must be on company letterhead stationery with an authorized signature.
  2. Federal Government: A signed authorization must be on letterhead stationery of a recognized branch of the federal government.
  3. International Students/International Embassy: Government-sponsored students should submit a billing authorization letter to the Tseng College. The University will bill the Embassy, and payment must be remitted within 30 days of the invoice date.
  4. Military/ROTC: 4. nclose an authorization on letterhead stationery or 1556 form, which clearly indicates the sponsoring agency to be billed. (The authorization must bear the signature of the commanding officer or recognized official. Payment from the sponsoring agent is required within 30 days of the invoice date).
  5. State and Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation: Enclose a signed authorization from the appropriate sponsoring agency (State Department of Rehabilitation or Veterans Administration).

III. The Following Information is Necessary for a Valid Authorization:

The sponsor must submit a letter of authorization to the Tseng College prior to the term start date.  A letter of authorization is a letter signed by the designated sponsor’s representative and must be sent on official letterhead paper from the sponsor and should include the following information:

  1. Full name of the student, CSUN ID number or social security number for identification.
  2. Term and Year the authorization is valid (i.e., Spring 2010 or 1/19/2010 - 5/24/2010).
  3. Amount specified or description of all charges related to specific types of fees (i.e., tuition and other fees).
  4. Must be signed by an authorizing agent and/or person to contact.
  5. Must include a complete billing address, contact number and email address for invoicing.
  6. Any changes or deletions to the authorization must be emailed in writing to the Tseng College immediately, to, so the contract can be adjusted prior to the date the term begins.
  7. Authorizations with payment restrictions or conditions will not be accepted (i.e., student must pass coursework with grade of C or better before authorization is valid).

Upon receipt of the Authorization with ALL valid components, an Organization ID and a term contract will be created. If one already exists, the new authorization is linked to that contract for the term being sponsored.

At this point, when the student registers, the authorized charges are moved from the student’s account to the sponsor’s account, and an Invoice will be mailed or emailed to the sponsor.

IV. Invoicing:

Approximately 30 days after the start of the academic term (semester) or after the add/drop date is over; an invoice for the amount sponsored for the term will be mailed to the sponsors or as advised.

  • The full amount is due on the invoice due date.
  • Payment should be mailed to the address on the invoice, with a copy of the invoice for proper credit. Please reference invoice number on the check.
  • If payment is not made within 90 days of the due date, the charges may be placed back on the STUDENT account, and the student will be responsible for payment in full.

V. Acceptable Forms of Payment:

  • Corporate Check: Made payable to CSUN, but indicate Tseng College on the memo line.
  • Wire Transfer: Call Tseng College Finance for banking instructions at (818) 677-4174.
  • Credit Card: Visa/MasterCard/American Express.

VI. Additional Assistance for Sponsors:

  • For questions regarding Sponsorship, please contact:
    Tseng College Finance at (818) 677-4174 or email
  • Information regarding program fees is posted on the Tseng College web site for the current term at