Enhance your Management Skills

The Public Sector Management and Leadership option within CSUN's MPA program develops and enhances management skills, enabling graduates to function more effectively within all types of public organizations. This option emphasizes both the quantitative aspects of management (i.e., decisions based on analytical data) and the human dynamics of leadership. By emphasizing conceptual and professional development, the program offers a well-rounded perspective of the field and develops leaders with a broad understanding at both the organizational and theoretical levels.

Most participants come to the program with highly specialized knowledge that reflects their experience within a particular area of expertise. The program's integrated curriculum provides graduates with a broader perspective as well as a conceptual vocabulary for leading agencies through increasingly complex issues. The program also emphasizes systems thinking, which gives participants an understanding of the external and internal forces that impact decision-making and problem-solving at their agencies.

To meet the needs of participants and the organizations they serve, this program is offered not only online but also on-campus and off-campus.


Public Sector Management and Leadership Online


Convenience, flexibility in the when and where of completing weekly assignments, and easy access to the support of fellow students make the online program the right choice for many participants. Learn more about the benefits of taking a program online.


Public Sector Management and Leadership On-campus


On-campus students not only enjoy access to CSUN's many campus resources such as face-to-face interaction with students and faculty but also the ability to customize the duration of the program by choosing the number of courses they take each semester.


Public Sector Management and Leadership Off-campus


Off-campus students enjoy a high quality educational experience composed of courses designed to fit the needs of working professionals at convenient locations throughout the Los Angeles area.


In addition to the excellence of their CSUN learning experience and their choice of delivery modes, MPA students also benefit from the following features:

Well-designed programs that promote effective learning

Courses are developed by industry professionals and CSUN faculty. The program is designed so that each consecutive course builds on the knowledge gained in previous coursework to ensure a cohesive and cumulative educational experience.

Work-friendly flexibility

To accommodate the needs of working professionals, the MPA with Public Sector Management and Leadership Option is offered in three delivery modes: online, on-campus or off-campus. Online delivery gives students the flexibility to complete assignments at their own convenience, while the on-campus and off-campus formats provide opportunities for face-to-face discussions with fellow students and instructors.

Distinguished faculty

The MPA program is taught by CSUN faculty who also work in the field in a range of settings and roles. The program focuses on an evidence-based approach to learning and problem solving. The study of real-world cases brings current knowledge into the classroom and provides students with an optimal combination of theory and practice.

Guaranteed enrollment

Students admitted into the program are guaranteed enrollment in all required courses.

Exceptional Support Services

CSUN offers exceptional support services designed for working professionals. From application to graduation, students enjoy the one-on-one support of a designated program manager and a CSUN faculty member assigned to coordinate the efforts of all teaching in the program. This personalized support frees busy professionals to focus on their studies without University- or program-related administrative distractions.