CSUN benefits:

Participate in courses with other working professionals.

Participate in courses
with other
working professionals.

Benefit from one-on-one support services.

Benefit from
support services.

Earn an official, resume-ready CSUN certificate.

Earn an
official, resume-ready
CSUN certificate.

This program is only available for contract (i.e. for employers who wish to commission and fund an exclusive cohort of the program for its employees). If you'd like to learn more about this program, please contact us by submitting the form on the left of this page. Thank you!

The Certificate in Leadership in an Age of Disruption teaches you how to implement innovation, respond to disruptions and lead in uncertain times. This five-month program is designed for mid-to senior-level leaders who seek to drive results in their teams and organizations.

In courses with other senior business leaders, you’ll develop the knowledge and expertise essential for career advancement and success at the highest levels of business and industry.

From ethics and people skills to negotiations and tactics, the program instills the executive mindset necessary to lead in today’s market. In your classes, you’ll look closely at the traits, values, habits, and behaviors of successful leaders, and learn how to integrate these assets into your own management style.

Courses examine emerging trends in the global business environment and provide you with clear strategies to:

  • Lead diverse teams
  • Create and enter new markets
  • Introduce ideas and products that generate immediate value
  • Identify and respond to external disruptions

By taking advantage of this professional development opportunity, you’ll gain the ability to create and implement significant positive results in your organization. In addition to the above, this program will also help you:

  • Excel under pressure
  • Design innovative business solutions
  • Improve your personal confidence
  • Develop talent more effectively
  • Resolve conflicts among personnel
  • Advance in your career

Taught by CSUN faculty, this certificate appears on official university transcripts, allowing you to easily certify your new knowledge.