This program is only available for contract (i.e. for employers who wish to commission and fund an exclusive cohort of the program for their employees). If you'd like to learn more about this program, please contact us by submitting the form on the left of this page. Thank you!

Over the past 60 years, tourism has become one of the world's fastest growing economic sectors. In the United States, travel and recreation management is a $560 billion industry, with job growth projected to exceed 40 percent from 2012 to 2020.

To meet this industry's need for hospitality management expertise, CSUN will be offering a Master of Science in Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation Management, with electives that focus on this area.

A curriculum designed for future tourism and hospitality business leaders – created and taught by current industry professionals

This program has been carefully designed for those seeking to enter or advance to senior ranks in the hospitality industry worldwide. The program will also serve those who own businesses in the hospitality industry and who want a better understanding of additional areas of opportunity within the industry.

Developed by CSUN faculty in close collaboration with hospitality industry leaders, this master's degree program will give participants the ability to think strategically, make sound management and organizational decisions, and develop an understanding of the hospitality industry in a contemporary global context – essential for successful careers in this dynamic sector of the global economy.

Program Highlights

  • The instructors have direct experience with industry-leading organizations – including Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Marriott and Sheraton Hotels & Resorts – and bring their real-world experience into the classroom.
  • The coursework is designed to provide broader understanding of the hospitality industry and to prepare for its evolution, and the practical management skills needed for success in this industry.

Key areas of knowledge, skills and professional abilities cultivated:

  • Customer service: Industry leaders identify this as the most essential area for anyone in the hospitality industry – it impacts staffing, training, organizational culture, management strategies, and much more.
  • Human resources and financial management: Successful organizations in the hospitality industry know how to make good recruitment decisions and develop an outstanding team. They also make financial choices that provide a solid return on investment.
  • Marketing: Understanding the essentials of marketing and knowing how to leverage technology and social media to enhance a brand is critical to effective advertising in the hospitality industry.
  • Crisis management: Creating and training staff on crisis plans, developing connections to external support providers, and implementing communication strategies are part of management's emergency control duties in this industry.
  • Sustainability and eco-tourism: Current best practices in ecotourism are interwoven into all the courses in this program. Environmental impact has become an increasingly important issue for many regions seeking to expand the hospitality industry and for guests who wish to support sustainable practices.
  • Hospitality in the digital world: All courses in this program include relevant, up-to-date information on how technology continues to transform all aspects of the hospitality industry.

CSUN online programs share the same distinguished faculty and high academic standards with on-campus programs

This accelerated 20-month program will be fully online, providing midcareer adults with significant flexibility for completing coursework at times and in places that fit their own weekly schedules. All CSUN online programs are crafted by the same distinguished faculty and leading practitioners as CSUN's on-campus programs. CSUN's online programs are held to the same high standards of academic excellence and student achievement. Every online program is taught by CSUN full- and part-time faculty who engage with students digitally in similar ways to engagement with students on campus.

Program cohorts encourage teamwork, support and high graduation rates

While students complete assignments on their own time within a structured schedule, they proceed through the accelerated program as a cohort with a limited number of participants, developing a supportive network with fellow industry professionals. The cohort design guarantees registration in all courses required for the program and also typically results in on-time program completion rates of up to 90 percent or higher.

Exceptional support services designed for working professionals

From application to graduation, students enjoy the one-on-one support of a designated program manager and a CSUN faculty member assigned to coordinate the efforts of all teaching in the program. This support frees busy professionals from navigating the University's administrative systems to focus on their studies.

Accredited programs from one of the nation's leading universities

The Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation Management program is offered by California State University, Northridge through its Department of Recreation and Tourism Management. CSUN is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and this program has special accreditation from the Council on Accreditation of Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Related Professions (COAPRT).