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Designed for working professionals with undergraduate degrees in fields other than business, CSUN's Graduate Certificate in Business Administration program focuses on the development of essential business-management skills. Upon completion of the program, students will be capable of increasing productivity and achieving enhanced results in virtually any business environment.

This program, which consists of six courses and takes only one year to complete, is a practical tool-kit for immediate, sustained success on the job. It also provides excellent preparation for CSUN's Master of Business Administration (MBA), which is ranked among the nation's best part-time programs in the field by "U.S. News & World Report."

Gain essential knowledge from a nationally recognized business-education leader

All Graduate Certificate in Business Administration courses focus on foundational coursework in core business disciplines and are taught by faculty from CSUN's David Nazarian College of Business and Economics, which is listed among The Princeton Review's "Best Business Schools".

In-Person or Virtual — choose your mode of participation

Life doesn’t stop so you can earn your degree, so CSUN has made innovative use of today’s technologies to give you a choice between the benefits of a traditional classroom experience and the flexibility of a virtual option. CSUN has developed this highly flexible approach to allow you to adjust the way you choose to attend class based on your preferences and schedule constraints each week.

This new level of flexibility permits you to attend class in-person or connect virtually at the scheduled class times. With this approach you can participate in weekly classes, listening to the lecture and participating in a discussion from your computer — at home, at the office, or on the road. Further, you can change your mode of participation week-to-week. That means you might choose to attend the class on the CSUN campus and interact with the faculty and fellow students in that context one week and then participate virtually the next. Some program participants may choose to participate in-person nearly all the time while others might find virtual participation to be more appealing.

The ability to choose modes of participation can also help program participants develop skills needed to participate in groups that mix in-person and virtual participation at a time when working in such mixed mode teams is an important professional skill in the globally-connected business world.

Note: Students studying on F-1 visas are required to attend classes in-person.

Program features designed to meet the needs of working professionals

  • Cohort-format delivery: Students progress through the program as a group, ensuring on-time program completion and maximizing interaction and networking with faculty and fellow students.
  • Exceptional support services: Students are assigned a program manager, who handles all administrative matters from application to graduation for each cohort, freeing students to concentrate on their coursework and careers.
  • Pathway to an MBA: Validation studies have shown that students who excel in CSUN’s Graduate Certificate in Business Administration go on to excel in the university’s MBA program. So CSUN waives its MBA admission GMAT requirement for students who have earned a grade of B or better in each Graduate Certificate in Business Administration course. Click here to learn more about CSUN’s MBA program.
  • Credit toward your MBA: This certificate satisfies 15 units of foundation courses in CSUN’s MBA program. That way, if you choose to continue your business education, you can start right where you left off.