CSUN’s Tseng College specializes in custom-designing professional development, education and training programs for international clients.

We not only create programs that draw from a wide array of content options ─ including the full range of the University’s fields and disciplines ─ but also offer great flexibility in formats and delivery modes.

Our format options range from single sessions (e.g., a one-day professional seminar) to a series of sessions scheduled over several weeks or months.

Our programs can be delivered not only in-person or online but also through blends (“hybrids”) of both modes that offer access from home, work, campus, or at single or multiple sites elsewhere in the United States.

The instructional teams for our programs include both CSUN faculty members, who are recognized for their outstanding teaching abilities and scholarship in their respective disciplines, and accomplished practitioners, authors and scholars with special expertise in their fields, who are drawn from sister universities and other national or international organizations.

We design all of our professional development and training offerings in collaboration with university faculty and recognized experts in the featured subject areas. Further, we tailor all aspects of these programs – from course content and instructional strategies to formats and delivery modes – to meet the specific learning objectives of our clients.

The Tseng College currently offers professional development/training programs in the following fields:

  • Educational Administration
  • Health Sciences and Administration
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Nursing
  • Public Administration

For more information on our Professional Development Training programs, please complete and submit the brief form on this page. We will contact you shortly.