International Educational Partnerships for Universities and Other Institutions

Through the Tseng College, California State University, Northridge offers international partners a rapidly expanding array of educational options. Working with schools and colleges around the globe, the Tseng College can deliver a wide range of existing programs and custom-designed new programs for international organizations and institutions. Examples:

  • Academic degree and certificate programs
  • Professional development courses and training programs
  • Credit courses that complement the curricula of partnering institutions
  • Credit courses for teachers and administrators at educational institutions (Prekindergarten to grade-16)
  • English-language and college-preparation programs for institution-sponsored students

In addition, we can work with your institution to identify needs and create customdesigned degree programs at the undergraduate or graduate levels for on-site, online or hybrid delivery.

The Tseng College also offers a growing number of CSUN degree programs completely online to allow students with Internet access to earn their degrees, regardless of location.

Qualified students from partnering institutions may apply directly to these academic programs.

Moreover, if your institution has a group of 25 or more students who qualify for one of our current online master’s degree programs, arrangements can be made for certain program components to be offered live at your own site.

Credit Courses to Complement Your Institution’s Curriculum

CSUN credit courses can be made available to partnering institutions. With the approval of the appropriate CSUN academic department, such courses can be taught by your institution’s own instructors (if qualified), or by CSUN faculty members. For a full listing of CSUN academic courses and programs, please visit

Curriculum Development Services

CSUN faculty can assist partnering institutions in the development of undergraduate or graduate curricula that are consistent with those of the same disciplines in the California State Universities (CSUs) and in keeping with U.S. regional accreditation guidelines.

Curriculum development services include providing course catalogs, academic policy guidelines and general syllabi for proposed programs, as well as identifying faculty (from CSUN or other CSU campuses) to collaborate with partner institutions on curriculum development.

CSUN International Partners

International educational institutions with which CSUN’s Tseng College has partnered include Buraimi University College in Oman, Fukuoka Women’s College in Japan, NamSeoul University in Korea, and Shanghai Normal University in China.

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