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CSUN’s graduate-credit certificate in Environmental Sustainability Planning teaches participants how to design and implement sustainable practices and policies. Focused on the public sector, the program provides the academic and professional preparation needed to advance in this rapidly growing field.

In the program, participants learn how to comply with government regulations, plan sustainable initiatives and ensure that new projects use clean, ecologically friendly designs.

What separates CSUN’s certificate from others, aside from its focus on the public sector, is its emphasis on:

  • Environmental Impact Analyses – evaluate a proposed project’s likely environmental impacts (how an initiative might affect a community’s air or water, for example); and
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) – use geographical data, such as satellite imagery, weather patterns or soil mapping, to make sustainable decisions.

Further, courses use case studies to identify effective solutions to issues ranging from water and energy use to transportation and population growth.

In addition to the above, the program helps participants:

  • Acquire knowledge of zoning and sustainable development
  • Understand environmental regulations, such as the California Environmental Quality Act
  • Develop community engagement skills
  • Expand their knowledge of public sector administration