Master of Arts in Diverse Community Development Leadership Launches

Students engaged in discussion with community map

Millennials and Generation Z-ers make it clear:  They don’t want just another cubicle job without meaning.  Gallup research reports that millennials are “motivated more by mission and purpose in a job than a paycheck.” But millennials aren’t the only generation seeking higher purpose.

Students Visit CSUN from IBS Americas in Brazil

IBS Students visit CSUN

CSUN welcomes  65 students from International Business School Americas (IBS) in São Paulo, Brazil! They are in the U.S. for a short-term business program from January 6-23, 2020.  Students hailing from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, France, Mexico, Peru and Spain will take a three-week series of classes focusing on communication,... Continue reading about IBS Students

Get Ready for Fall 2020!

CSUN Fall 2020 Semester

Applications are now open for CSUN’s graduate, undergraduate and certificate programs for midcareer adults. Classes start in August 2020. Find out about programs in applied behavior analysis, diverse community development leadership, engineering management, humanities, instructional design, music industry administration, public administration,... Continue reading about Fall 2020 Semester

Almost Time for Winter Term 2020!

Winter Term 2020 Students walking away chatting

Finish a semester-length class in just a few weeks in Winter Term!  Get ahead between the Fall and  Spring semesters by taking an academic-credit course.  CSUN offers two Winter Term components:  December 20, 2019 - January 17, 2020 for online classes, and January 2-17, 2020 for face-to-face classes.

Constitution Day Event at CSUN Sept. 14

Constitution Day

Come to a celebration of Constitution Day at CSUN with a talk about the power of Congress and the president! Two professors lead a timely presentation about presidential authority and its limits. Tension between the executive branch and legislative branch of the federal government erupt into conflict over immigration, congressional authority and... Continue reading about Constitution Day

Open University Coming this Fall

Fall Open University

It’s time to think about Fall! Even if you’re not a CSUN student, you can still take a Fall-semester class. Open University lets community members take classes without going through the formal admissions process.  Choose from more than 6,000 classes offered on campus, online, in the daytime and in the evening. Whether you’re a community member who... Continue reading about Fall Open University