This short-term, online program prepares you to facilitate lesson study groups for schools and districts across the state. Designed for working adults, the program's curriculum is based on the field's highest standards and features 120 hours of online instruction.

Alongside other professionals, you'll learn how to:

  • Lead lesson study teams statewide
  • Promote equitable and accessible, student-centered learning experiences
  • Develop professional learning communities
  • Transform pedagogy from inside the classroom
  • Communicate with stakeholders for program sustainability

Course work in this program includes apprenticeship of lesson study in the classroom including discussion, activities, and assignments.

Cohort-based learning

When you enroll, you'll become part of a small, interactive professional learning community of peers from diverse educational organizations. And from the first day of class to the last, you'll learn and grow together.

Get close, personal support

Throughout the program, you'll receive the one-on-one support of a team dedicated to your personal and professional success. Whether it's enrollment, grading or financial aid, our team of experts will help you stay on track and finish on time.

Learn the field from anywhere, at any time

On our convenient online platform, you can earn your professional experience and credentials without ever leaving the comfort and safety of home. Our online courses feature real-time class sessions, on-demand access to learning materials, and frequent networking opportunities with your peers.

What is Lesson Study?

First popularized in Japan, lesson study is a teaching model based on collaboration, student thinking, and learning. Through lesson study, teachers use lessons as a tool to examine and improve their instructional practices to ensure all students receive equitable outcomes.

Although many schools and districts recognize the value of lesson study, most lack the trained personnel needed to implement a sustainable model. With this certificate, however, you can facilitate lesson study for teachers and students across the state.

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