California State University, Northridge (CSUN) – in response to the economic and professional development needs of the community, region and state – offers highly specialized degree and certificate programs through the Tseng College. These custom-crafted programs are aimed at educating the next generation of workers and leaders whose knowledge and expertise will drive the national economy forward in the decades ahead.

Master's Degrees

Because of CSUN's focus on relevance and meeting employer needs for well-prepared professionals in a wide range of fields, the Tseng College is constantly engaged in the development of graduate-degree programs.

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Certificate Programs

CSUN, through the Tseng College, offers two types of certificate programs: graduate-credit certificates and professional development certificates.

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Bachelor's Degrees

At present, CSUN offers two bachelor's degree-completion programs and one second bachelor degree program through the Tseng College. Additional bachelor's degree programs may be created as needed.

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Workshops & Seminars

CSUN, through the Tseng College, offers professional workshops and seminars.

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Features of all Tseng College programs

  • up-to-date, relevant content that draws upon the applied research and experience of CSUN's faculty, often in conjunction with that of well-regarded practitioners in their fields;
  • delivery formats, schedules and locations designed to provide maximum flexibility and convenience; and
  • access to a range of student support services to ensure that participants meet their educational goals.

A growing number of CSUN programs offered through the Tseng College have achieved on-time graduation rates of from 90 to 100 percent.