ASHA requires that students completed a minimum of 400 clock hours of supervised practicum, of which at least 375 hours must be in direct client/patient contact and 25 in clinical observation. In addition, the clinical practicum experiences must encompass the breadth of the current scope of practice with both adults and children.

Students are scheduled to complete 5 clinical practicum experiences during the program (CD 565, 566, 567, 672A and 672B).  The first 3 are pediatric clinical practicum experiences; CDS 672A is the adult externship completed during the last summer of the program; and CDS 672B is meant to be a catch all to help you complete either missing clock hours or KASA clinical competencies.  You must be available full-time for the adult externship from June to the end of August (12 weeks).  You are required to obtain a minimum of 75 clock hours for each of the 3 pediatric clinics and a minimum of 80 hours during your adult externship. 

The first clinical practicum experience, CDS 565 is scheduled at the start of the student’s second year in the program.  Supervision must be provided by individuals who hold the Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) in the appropriate area of practice (i.e. SLP).  Direct supervision must be in real time and must never be less than 25% of the student’s total contact with each client/patient and must take place periodically throughout the practicum. 

You must obtain your client contact hours at a minimum of 3 different sites, one of which must be in the schools.  Your adult externship site during the last summer of the program counts as one site.  Between CDS 565, 566 and 567 you will need to have two additional sites.  You will also need to obtain your client contact hours “across the lifespan” which CSUN breaks into the following age groups:

  • Birth – 5 years (Preschool) 
  • 6 years – 11 years (Elementary) 
  • 12 years – 17 years (Middle School – High School) 
  • 18 years + (Adult) – This will be covered in your adult externship.