Priority Deadline: March 19, 2024
Final Deadline: May 28, 2024

Badge: Best Engineering Management Online Master’s Programs in 2022

This master’s program provides you with the leadership training and technical expertise to manage high-level engineering projects, teams and resources. In addition to robust technical and management training, the program also includes advanced study of data analytics, which improves your ability to use data in a variety of contexts – a skill desired by employers nationwide. Click here to learn more about the Engineering Management industry.

Alongside other engineers, you’ll learn how to:

  • Manage diverse engineering projects
  • Lead technical teams
  • Analyze and use data of all sizes
  • Introduce sustainable innovations
  • Optimize production, manufacturing and more

Course work in this program features an all-new focus in data analytics and includes lectures, classroom activities, online modules, hands-on assignments and a culminating experience.

Master the world of data

As a discipline, engineering management involves designing, operating and continuously improving high-tech enterprises through technical and management knowledge. Beyond achieving a project’s desired goals, such as meeting customer requirements, engineering management is equally focused on quality, sustainability, efficiency and – now more than ever – data.

With this degree, not only will you know how to manage personnel – with core leadership competences like innovation and decisiveness – but you’ll also know how to use data to improve performance and outcomes.

Plus, when you finish, you’ll know how to manage teams that rely increasingly on data in various fields, such as manufacturing, preventive maintenance, quality engineering and supply chain design.

Manage with impact

By combining business, management and engineering competencies, the program prepares you to manage the operations and data of diverse global institutions.

Through its practical, data-driven curriculum, you’ll learn how to manage:

  • Supply chains
  • Big data
  • Emerging technologies
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Complex systems
  • Cross-functional engineering teams

And when you graduate, you’ll qualify for some of the industry’s top positions – in everything from major manufacturing to big tech.

Learn the field from anywhere, at any time

As you hone your technical abilities, this program helps you master essential concepts in class – all on a convenient online platform. The program’s online courses feature live class sessions, on-demand access to learning materials and daily networking opportunities.

Get close, personal support

Throughout the program, you’ll receive the one-on-one support of a team dedicated to your personal and professional success. Whether it’s enrollment, grading or financial aid, a team of experts will help you stay on track and graduate on time.

Group-powered learning

When you enroll, we’ll place you in a small, interactive group of peers from diverse organizations and industries. And from day one to graduation, you’ll learn and grow together.