Course List (10 courses, 30 units)

Learners must successfully complete the 10 prerequisite courses below before applying to the competitive CSUN CDS Master’s program.

The Certificate of Pre-SLP program is offered in an online 2-year (calendar year) format.

Certificate of Pre-SLP courses and sequence:

  • CD 410: Hearing Science
  • CD 415: Speech & Language Development
  • CD 442: Speech Science
  • CD 405: Phonetics
  • CD 451: Phonology & Articulatory Disorders
  • CD 446: Auditory Habilitation 
  • CD 445: Audiometry & Hearing Conservation
  • CD 450: Fluency and Disorders of Fluency
  • CD 469A: Diagnostic Methods in Communication Disorders
  • CD 462: Language Disorders I 

Course Highlights

course name units description
CD 410

Hearing Science


Study of physics of sound, anatomy and physiology of the ear, and measurement of perception of sound. Brief survey of causes of hearing impairment and habilitation procedures.
CD 415

Speech & Language Development


Study of speech and language development in relation to normal learning and growth processes; brief introduction to (2nd) second language acquisition.
CD 442

Speech Science


Structure and function of neuro-muscular systems used in respiration, phonation, resonance, and articulation; fundamentals of sound production and transmission applied to speech.
CD 405 Phonetics


Study of general phonetics principles; articulatory, acoustic and linguistic aspects of the sound systems of standard and non-standard dialects of American English; introduction to the application of phonetics to disordered sound systems.
CD 451

Phonology & Articulatory Disorders


Examination of theories of normal and disordered acquisition of phonology and articulatory production as well as basic phonologic assessment methods and treatment planning. Both functional and structural disorders are emphasized including cleft lip and palate and related craniofacial syndromes.
CD 446

Auditory Habilitation 


Theory and methods of habilitation of hearing-impaired adults and children, including assessment of hearing handicap, habilitation management, speech-reading, and amplification with individual and group hearing aids.
CD 445

Audiometry & Hearing Conservation


Study of basic battery of audiologic tests, including equipment calibration procedures, pure tone and speech audiometry, clinical masking, and the study of school and industrial identification audiometry and hearing conservation. Familiarization with basic equipment.
CD 450

Fluency and Disorders of Fluency


Study of the etiology, characteristics, clinic assessment and therapeutic management of voice and fluency disorders in children and adults. Regular written assignments are required.
CD 469A

Diagnostic Methods in Communication Disorders


Basic concepts of standardized and non-standardized evaluation procedures for children and adults with mild to moderate communicative disorders. Theory and application of clinical writing including the case history and the assessment report.
CD 462

Language Disorders I 


Ways of conceptualizing language disorders, disorders of parts of language; introduction to data collection, transcription and language analysis; introduction to the concept of differential diagnosis; introduction to diagnostic populations with associated developmental language disorders.