The Certificate of Pre-SLP program is taught by faculty members in the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences, in the College of Health and Human Development. For detailed information on the faculty members who teach in these programs, please see the M.S. Communicative Disorders and Sciences faculty list.

Additional Instructors in the Certificate of Preparation for Advanced Studies Speech-Language Pathology (Certificate of Pre-SLP):

Kevin Ivory, Au.D. (Doctor of Audiology)

Photo of Kevin Ivory

  • CD 446: Auditory Habilitation

Ivory has a private practice in audiology as an owner and clinician.  Every day he implements much of what is discussed in this course.   CD 446 covers how to help those who don’t hear as well as everyone else. Students learn about the academic and practical applications of this field.  The course covers an area of practice that contains traditional aspects and also highly evolving technology, service-delivery, etc. CD 446 captures and mirrors the changing nature of audiology, especially its service-delivery helping side. Ivory has expertise earned as a doctor of audiology from Rush University in Chicago, as well as a Bachelor of Arts Psychology.  He emphasizes both academic and experiential aspects in this class.

Elizabeth G. Weber, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences

  • CD 462: Language Disorders I

Weber has lengthy experience in this field.  She has worked with children who have language disorders across a variety of diagnostic populations since 1989.  Weber earned her Ph.D. in linguistics from UCLA and her master’s degree in communicative disorders from CSUN.  She also holds an M.A. in philosophy from Queens College, City University of New York.

CD 462 introduces students to how the parts of language can be disordered and describes the diagnostic populations with primary and secondary associated language disorder.  Weber is deeply involved in this field.  In addition to teaching in the Department of Communication Disorders, she maintained a private practice for 18 years.  She worked with children who had diagnoses of specific language impairment, language/learning disability, autism and phonological disorder. Weber also was a co-leader of social communication groups provided through the UCLA Family Support Program.