Before traveling to the United States, it is a good idea to become familiar with the course offerings at CSUN. Please take the time to browse the CSUN course catalog and the CSUN Schedule of Classes to determine which classes are of interest to you and when they are offered. We recommend that you make a long list so that you will have multiple options in case some of the classes you have chosen are full.

CSUN Course Catalog: The catalog provides descriptions of all courses offered by each university department, so that you can obtain an understanding of the course content. View CSUN Course Catalog online.

CSUN Schedule of Classes: The schedule lists courses that are being offered in a particular semester. Not all classes listed in the CSUN Course Catalog are offered every semester. Therefore, you can choose to attend only classes that are listed in the Schedule for your Semester at CSUN.

Further instructions for registering for classes will be provided at the Semester at CSUN Orientation.


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  Spring 2020 Fall 2020 Spring 2021
Orientation January 15 August 19 January 20
Start Date January 21 August 24 January 25
End Date May 22 December 18 May 21
Weeks of Instruction 16 16 16
Final Grades Available May 29 December 25 May 28