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More Than an Acronym

It’s a typical scenario: you walk into the doctor’s office, possibly after several postponements, afraid of what they might find...

Constitution Day 2022

Constitution Day 2022

On September 17, CSUN is celebrating Constitution Day, and you’re invited to join us.

Bradley J. Cook, President of the American University of Bahrain, greets Vanessa Andrade, Director of International Programs and Partnerships, as Joyce Feucht-Haviar, Dean of the Tseng College, looks on.

A Visit from Bahrain

Last Wednesday, CSUN played host to several out of towners – one of them, the President of the...

Top 25 MPA Programs

Open House for Master of Public Administration 2016

Join us for an Open House! Learn more about our Master of Public Administration program, available online, on-campus and off-campus! Options include Public Sector Management and Leadership, Health Administration, and Nonprofit Sector Management. A distinguished panel of...


VITA Offers Free Tax Preparation

(February 5, 2016) - If you're getting nervous thinking about filing your taxes, don't panic! Help is on the way to get your forms filled in and submitted by the April 18 deadline! Volunteers with the VITA Clinic will share their specialized knowledge in taxes! And it's...

LACI UBI Global Honors Award

UBI Global Honors LA Cleantech Incubator

(January 4, 2016) - Congratulations to Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator for recognition as a top business incubator! UBI Global ranked LACI third on its list of Top University Associated Business Incubators of 2015. UBI Global has an international portfolio of members...

Semester at CSUN Student

Semester at CSUN Students Helps Launch Companies

(August 10, 2015) - When Kelvi Oliveira traveled from São Paulo, Brazil to enroll as a Semester at CSUN student, he never dreamed he would spend the summer working with the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI). LACI has a satellite office at CSUN that advises new...

Kaitlin O'Keefe, Ph.D.

MPH Info Session Explains How Students Can Help the World

(April 14, 2015) - Reach underdeveloped countries with vital information about infectious disease. Guide local elderly people with advice on nutrition and wellness. Go to immigrant communities to talk about women's wellness and designing health screening programs. These...

Dale Deardorff, director of innovation and strategic thinking, Rocky Peak Leadership Center

Speaker Emphasizes Importance of Learning How to Think

(Dec. 18, 2014) - Educators should teach people not what to think but how to think, said guest speaker Dale Deardorff of the Rocky Peak Leadership Center, at a presentation at California State University, Northridge.

Henrik Minassians, Tseng College Director of Regional and National Partnerships and Services for Public Sector

Deming Conference Offers Transforming Ideas

(Oct. 13, 2014) - California State University, Northridge’s Tseng College looks forward to the annual Innovation for Success Conference Oct. 17-19 at the Airtel Plaza Hotel in Van Nuys. The W. Edwards Deming Institute collaborates with CSUN for the conference, with...