CSUN Tax Conference Digs into Tax Law

Professor Rafi Efrat, Director, M.S. Taxation program

Tax Day recently passed, but learning about tax law never ends.  Even experts have to keep up with changing rules. And while most people wouldn’t call a day of tax talk fun, professionals in the field look forward to CSUN’s taxation get together.  The Alumni Association hosts the 2018 Bookstein Institute Tax Development Conference May 4 and expects a big crowd.

“We have several Master of Science Taxation faculty presenting, and students may attend as well,” said Accountancy Professor Rafi Efrat, director of the M.S. Taxation program and the Bookstein Institute.  The Bookstein Institute for Higher Education in Taxation organized the annual event. 

Topics may sound arcane, but their relevance makes them vitally important to professionals. Professors from California and out-of-state universities will address deferred tax valuation, stock basics, international tax provisions, tax court, the digital economy, legal and professional education, and more. 

Attendees shouldn’t expect a day of dry lectures.  Practitioners, professors, students and others who come will engage in lively conversation. They’ll talk about real-world issues outside the classroom.  Reps from CSUN include Professor Efrat; Paul Lazarony, associate dean of the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics; John Balian, Accountancy lecturer and instructor in the M.S. Taxation program; Monica Gianni, assistant professor of Accountancy and M.S. Taxation faculty; and Zhixin Su, Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

The recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act may leave you wondering who will benefit, and experts need an understanding of its implications, too. The conference hopes to provide those answers.