Tseng College staff wearing red standing for Valentines group photo

May we have this dance? <3

Strike a pose because the Tseng College is feeling the love. The staff assembled in the building’s atrium today for a rousing red...

Variety of color balls on blue background forming a heart shape

More Than an Acronym

It’s a typical scenario: you walk into the doctor’s office, possibly after several postponements...

Constitution Day 2022

Constitution Day 2022

On September 17, CSUN is celebrating Constitution Day, and you’re invited to join us.

Graduate Certificate in Business Administration

(March 14th, 2012) — Earn academic credit with the Tseng College's Graduate Certificate in Business Administration, offered in collaboration with CSUN's College of Business and Economics. The College of Business and Economics earned AACSB (Association to Advance...

Urban Studies and Planning

(March 14th, 2012) — Urban and regional planners working in the private- and public-sectors deal with community and regional environmental and infrastructure needs involving employment, housing, land use and transportation. The Tseng College offers a program in Urban...

SAGE Starts New Forums

(January 2nd, 2012) — The SAGE Society, a learning-in-retirement group affiliated with the Tseng College, started its Winter Session Study Groups Jan. 2, with discussions about directors Robert Altman, Stanley Kubrick and Sidney Lumet; World War I from multiple...

Music Industry Administration

(January 1st, 2012) — Starting in Fall 2012 the Tseng College launches a new master's degree in Music Industry Administration.

The Dean Travels to Oman

(December 8th, 2011) — Dean Joyce Feucht-Haviar recently traveled to Oman to represent the Tseng College at the Al-Buraimi University College (BUC) graduation ceremony in Oman.  Since 2003, faculty and senior administrators from CSUN and BUC have collaborated with...

Letter excerpt: "A clean energy is needed for the success of our students"

President Harrison Signs Climate Action Letter

CSUN President Dianne Harrison, has joined with presidents and chancellors from 234 Colleges and Universities in 35 states, to urge President Trump and congressional representatives to accelerate progress toward a clean-energy future.

Volunteers gathering around a solar power panel.

Solar Programs

GRID Alternatives CSUN’s Institute for Sustainability has partnered with GRID Alternatives, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that offers FREE solar panels to low-income families and brings together community partners, volunteers and job trainees to implement...