PSM faculty members represent a variety of academic disciplines, providing an interdisciplinary curriculum integrating theory and practice.  The program sponsors faculty workshops to maintain state-of-the art instruction and current understanding of public sector issues. Faculty ensure that the program is an integrated whole, not a series of separate, disconnected courses.

The following list provides the names of CSUN faculty members with scholarly and teaching expertise relevant to PSM who will teach courses or act as consultants for PSM.  Veteran faculty from other universities and professionals respected in their fields also will be invited to participate.


Lori Ann Campbell

Assistant Professor of Sociology, CSUN

B.A., Sociology and Women’s Studies, Ohio Wesleyan University (1995); M.A., Sociology (2000); and Ph.D., Sociology), The Ohio State University (2007)

Joseph C. De Ladurantey

Adjunct Professor of Public Administration, CSUN

B.S., Criminology, Cal State, Long Beach (1970); Master of Public Administration, University of Southern California (1973); and Doctor of Public Administration and Public Policy, University of La Verne( 2008)

Robert B. Kent

Professor of Urban Studies and Planning, CSUN

B.A. (1973) and M.A. (1976), University of California, Davis; Ph.D., Syracuse University (1983)

Paul Krivonos

Emeritus Professor of Communication Studies, CSUN

University of Southern California, 1991

B.A. (1967) and M.A. (1969), University of California, Davis; Ph.D., Purdue University (1975)

Lauren McDonald

Associate Professor of Sociology, CSUN

B.S. Saint Joseph's University 1993; M.A. University of Massachusetts-Boston 1996; Ph.D. Graduate Center of the City University of New York (2008)

Karen Morgaine

Associate Professor of Sociology, CSUN

B.S., SUNY Brockport (1987); M.A., Antioch University (1990); Ph.D., Portland State University (2007)

Boris Ricks

Associate Professor of Political Science, CSUN

B.S., Mississippi Valley State University (1989); MPA, University of Mississippi (1991); Ph.D., University of Southern California (2003)

Martin Saiz

Professor of Political Science, CSUN

B.A., Arizona State University, Tempe (1978); M.P.C.D., 1981, University of Colorado at Denver (1981); Ph.D., University of Colorado at Boulder (1992)

Lawrence Sandy-Bailey

Associate Professor of Political Science, CSUN

B.A., University of California Irvine (1990); M.A., University of Virginia (1992); Ph. D, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (2006)

John Yudelson

Professor of Business, CSUN

B.S., California State University, Northridge (1976); MBA, University of Southern California (1982); MSBA, University of Southern California (1984); MSOB, University of Southern California (1986); Ph.D. University of California, Santa Barbara (2009)