Priority Deadline: March 19, 2024
Final Deadline: May 28, 2024

Career options

  • Instructional designer
  • Course developer
  • Curriculum designer/specialist
  • E-learning designer
  • Learning specialist
  • Online instructor
  • Instructional coordinator
  • Corporate trainer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Instructional technologist
  • Digital media designer
  • Multimedia specialist

Enter a rapidly growing market

With the world’s transition to remote learning, instructional design is in high demand. Now more than ever, these experts are needed to create virtual programs and orchestrate the shift – sometimes a very rapid one – from in-person to online education.

In this fully online program, you’ll learn to design, implement and assess educational solutions, such as online programs, professional development seminars and walk-throughs for products and services. You’ll also learn how to optimize the learning strategies of people and organizations. Learn about the Instructional Design industry.

In addition to practical course work, you’ll explore the theoretical components of curriculum design: how and why people learn what they learn and the best ways to deliver it.

When you finish, you’ll be ready to:

  • Design professional and educational courses
  • Design and assess instructional media for diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Ensure wide accessibility in designs and outcomes
  • Educate organizations on a large scale
  • Create how-to modules
  • Optimize learning outcomes

Course work in this 30-unit program includes lectures, classroom activities, online modules, hands-on assignments and a culminating experience.

Advance in your career

Taught by industry leaders, the program gives you insight into important new developments in instructional design and provides you with the tools to create and implement effective programs and course work. Faculty use their knowledge of the field to help you leverage the program’s concepts and methods into new career opportunities.

Where do I use this and what would I do?

Instructional designers – also referred to as instructional technologists or instructional coordinators – develop the majority of today’s educational content, especially what’s online. Needed by a wide range of organizations, from corporations to higher ed, instructional design is an indispensable part of how we communicate ideas and educate people.

Through instructional designers, organizations communicate policy, train employees and implement wide-scale change. Everything from private language lessons, like Rosetta Stone, to online master’s programs, such as this one, is the work of instructional design.

Gain valuable hands-on experience

The program provides hands-on training with many of the field's top professional tools and technologies. Plus, most course work is project-oriented. Through this program, you’ll learn the project management tools and skills needed to lead projects and multidisciplinary design teams.

Get job-ready through applied learning

For your graduate project, you’ll create a learning solution for a specific audience and justify your design decisions using evidence from learning theory and instructional design principles. You’ll also assess a peer’s learning solution against industry standards, including Universal Design and accessibility law.

Equipped with the program’s robust skillset, as well as its strong theoretical framework, you can enter the market ready on day one.

Learn the field from anywhere, at any time

As you hone your instructional abilities, this program helps you master essential concepts in class – all on a convenient online platform. The program’s online courses feature live class sessions, on-demand access to learning materials and daily networking opportunities.

Get close, personal support

Throughout the program, you’ll receive the one-on-one support of a team dedicated to your personal and professional success. Whether it’s enrollment, grading or financial aid, a team of experts will help you stay on track and graduate on time.

Group-powered learning

When you enroll, we’ll place you in a small, interactive group of peers from diverse organizations and industries. And from day one to graduation, you’ll learn and grow together.