Course description and objectives

The following courses are designed to create a personalized learning experience to prepare facilitators in training to lead lesson study groups in the TK-12 classroom.

Courses (12 units)

  • XLSF 901: Lesson Study Facilitation: Preparation (Starting week of September 11, 2023)
  • XLSF 902: Lesson Study Facilitation: Implementation
  • XLSF 903: Lesson Study Facilitation: Reflection

Course Highlights

course name description
XLSF 901 Lesson Study Facilitation: Preparation This first course will introduce the three parts of facilitation as outlined in the Virtual Lesson Study Facilitators Playbook, with a focus on the development of five core capacities: 1) supporting equitable access to student learning, 2) developing facilitation skills, 3) assessing content knowledge, 4) evaluating pedagogical knowledge, and 5) examining technological awareness. Students will observe these components in lesson study teams and complete a full lesson study cycle by the end of the course.
XLSF 902 Lesson Study Facilitation: Implementation In this course, students will co-facilitate one lesson study cycle alongside an experienced facilitator, and rotate through the roles of content specialist, pedagogical specialist, and access and equity specialist. Focus will be placed on the meaning and implementation of these crucial roles throughout the lesson study cycle, primarily through examination of tools such as guiding questions and group coherence practices. The aim will be to identify student thinking and learning within these three specialist frames.
XLSF 903 Lesson Study Facilitation: Reflection This final course will focus on the student's reflection of the lesson study implementation in the following categories: 1) self-reflection as a facilitator, 2) analysis of lesson study data, 3) presentation of lesson study data, 4) communication with all stakeholders (district personnel, administrators, community), and 5) site/district lesson study sustainability. In this final course, the student will act as the lead facilitator of one lesson study cycle.