Program begins: August 12, 2019
Program ends: August 23, 2019

The University Transition Program (UTP) is a two-week course of study that provides incoming international students with the resources, training and skills to succeed at an American university.

Through this outstanding academic program, students will:

  • Improve academic skills
  • Learn U.S. university teaching styles
  • Practice typical classroom activities
  • Discover campus resources
  • Experience American culture
  • Explore Los Angeles

The UTP begins two weeks before the start of the fall semester. Students will participate in a variety of academic activities, including lectures on popular university courses that expose students to the various teaching styles used in U.S. university classrooms. The program instills the university-level learning skills – such as critical thinking and research – needed to succeed at CSUN. Students will also learn and practice typical classroom activities, such as asking questions, answering professors, and discussing important topics.

The UTP also teaches students how to access the university’s many resources, including those designed specifically for international students. Students will discover where to find answers to questions about visas, coursework, and more. They will also gain the chance to make new friends and lead a fun, healthy lifestyle through the university’s many facilities such as the Student Recreation Center (SRC) and Klotz Student Health Center.

For academic success, the University Transition Program is the ideal choice. We encourage you to take advantage of this outstanding academic opportunity.