Attend English language classes on an American university campus for a truly immersive experience. Our 8-week sessions are intensive for a reason: the learning happens faster. You will be immersed in the language and you will rapidly acquire the skills and knowledge to succeed at American universities.

  • Thrive in conversations with native speakers
  • Write convincing arguments and essays
  • Succeed in new or difficult cultural situations
  • Develop active listening skills
  • Present ideas in academic settings

Online Placement Exam and IEP Instructional Levels

Approximately one month before you come to America, you will take an online placement exam to help us assess your English-language proficiency. There is no additional cost for this exam. Based on the results, our instructional team will place you on an academic path matched to your unique learning needs. The three levels of the program are:

  • Intermediate – core skills for university-study preparation
  • Advanced – advanced skills for university-study preparation
  • University Bridge – transitional courses from the IEP to the university and for students who plan to receive a TOEFL waiver* for undergraduate and graduate studies


At home: Approximately two weeks before you arrive, you will have an online “Meet and Greet” appointment with one of the IEP instructors. We hope that this meeting will help you to feel comfortable about starting a new program.

In California: The week before the session begins, we have a full day of orientation activities to help you prepare for your classes and learn about the campus facilities and services at CSUN. We will also host social events so you can meet other students and have some fun!

IEP Curriculum and Program Structure

The IEP program has a student-centered curriculum with courses that were carefully developed to meet the goals of students across varying levels of English-language proficiency.

Instructional hours per week 25 23 hours in the classroom; 2 hours of online study and discussion groups
Session length 8 weeks Classes meet Monday through Friday (see Sample Week schedule)

Intermediate Level:

IEP classes: This level activates the English you already know and builds the foundation for academic growth. As you build on your fundamental English skills, you will develop confidence in the four skill areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking. You will learn the basics of essay writing, presentation skills, active listening, note-taking, and academic reading comprehension, while improving your vocabulary and grammatical accuracy.

University classes: You will have the opportunity to engage in two university lectures to get exposure the US university system.

Advanced Level:

IEP classes: In this level, you will make extensive use of your academic English skills, while increasing your vocabulary, grammar, and organizational skills. You will be introduced to academic research and citation and you will learn to integrate these skills in well-researched essays and presentations. You will improve your academic listening and note-taking skills, explore college-level novels, and participate in active class discussions on a variety of academic and social issues. Select class sessions will be taught by guest lecturers who are graduate students from various disciplines and can give you insights into the field of study and first-hand experience about the majors.

University classes: You will have the option to earn university credit by enrolling in one university class in lieu of one IEP class.

University Bridge Level:

IEP classes: This level will challenge you to use English for university-level assignments while providing guidance and structure. You will refine your English skills and learn the academic expectations of American universities in preparation to enter an undergraduate or graduate degree program. You will engage in extended discourse and debates, develop argumentative claims to defend in well-researched essays and speeches, lead class discussions, and improve your analytical skills through reading a variety of academic articles and texts. Select class sessions will be taught by guest lecturers who are professors or graduate students from various disciplines and can give you insights into the field of study, first-hand experience about the majors and tours of the department.

University classes: You will have the opportunity to take two university classes in lieu of two IEP classes.

American Culture Classes

As you learn the language, we help you learn the culture. These classes will help you understand English usage in a variety of settings, providing you with the knowledge, confidence and ability to interact more comfortably with native English speakers.

During an 8-week session, you will choose four elective classes: two classes for the first 4 weeks, and another two classes for the last 4 weeks. Examples of classes include:

  • TOEFL or IELTS Test Preparation
  • American English Pronunciation
  • Academic Vocabulary
  • Idioms for Effective Communication
  • American Slang
  • English through Popular Music
  • Storytelling Through Comics

Content-Based Classes

As an IEP student, you can customize classes to your area of interest. In these classes, you will review vocabulary and concepts to help you prepare for your future major. Each week features two hours of “English for Special Purposes” course work, which you can complete online at any time. These classes also include a weekly support session with IEP instructors and graduate students to help you with subject-specific questions. For your content-based classes, you can choose from the following fields of study:

  • Cinema
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Humanities
  • Music Theory

Free Tutoring

Get expert help when you need it. We offer free, one-on-one tutoring services and training resources on writing, research, critical reading, test-taking strategies, pronunciation and communication skills. As a student, you can also receive help with all IEP classes and subject-specific tutoring on a variety of topics.

Successful Completion

Successful completion of the IEP program requires a grade of C (2.0) or above in each course, as well as an overall grade point average (GPA) of C (2.0) or above for the full program.

TOEFL Waiver

Students completing the University Bridge level with a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 and above may receive a TOEFL waiver for admission to a CSUN degree program.

TOEFL and IELTS Tests and Practice Tests

CSUN is a Certified Testing Center for the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Students can take the official TOEFL iBT (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and/or the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) exam on the CSUN campus.