Are you industry-ready?

CSUN's EIM program doesn't just react to industry trends – it anticipates them. We're committed to not only meeting growing workforce needs but also shaping the future of the entertainment industry. Our graduates will be the leaders, decision-makers, and innovative problem-solvers who drive the industry forward in the years to come.

In Los Angeles alone, the industry employs more than a quarter of a million people. However, despite its significant presence, the industry faces a growing skills shortage. According to a late 2021 survey by the Professional Lighting and Sound Association (PLASA) and the campaign group #WeMakeEvents, 69% of companies reported a skills deficit.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects a faster than average growth rate of 8% for producers and directors and an even more significant 19% for market research analysts from 2021-2031. These statistics reveal an increasingly fertile ground for professionals equipped with the right skill set.

Given this projected demand, our Master of Arts in Entertainment Industry Management (EIM) program is launching at a pivotal moment. Starting in Fall 2024, our program is set to graduate its first cohort in Summer 2026, strategically aligned with the anticipated need for an additional 40,000 workers in the industry by 2025.

CSUN’s EIM program offers a solution to this skills crisis by equipping you with industry-relevant knowledge and expertise. From mastering storytelling and script analysis to managing production teams and understanding audience analytics, you’ll graduate with the innovative skills and thinking to fill existing and future gaps in the workforce.

And even before you graduate, through our industry internship and capstone project, you’ll gain the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in the real world, ensuring your readiness for the dynamic challenges of the entertainment industry.