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More Than an Acronym

It’s a typical scenario: you walk into the doctor’s office, possibly after several postponements...

Professor Rafi Efrat, Director, M.S. Taxation program

CSUN Tax Conference Digs into Tax Law

Tax Day recently passed, but learning about tax law never ends. Even experts have to keep up with changing rules. And while most people wouldn’t call a day of tax talk fun, professionals in the field look forward to CSUN’s taxation get together. The Alumni Association hosts...

CSUN Gets High Ranking in Social Mobility Index

CSUN Gets High Ranking in Social Mobility Index

Congratulations to CSUN for rising to the top 1% of the 2017 Social Mobility Index by CollegeNET! CSUN placed 13th out of 1,363 colleges and universities nationally. The ranking measures the commitment of higher education to success and opportunity for economically disadvantaged...


Present Your Student Research at CSUNposium

CSUN students, if you’re planning or doing research in your field, take part in the Annual Student Research and Creative Works Symposium! Whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student in any field, get recognition for your projects and creative activities. Share the...

Winter Term 2017-2018

Take a Winter Term Class!

Finish a semester-length class in just a few weeks in Winter Term! You can spend the time between Fall finals and the start of the Spring semester completing an academic-credit course. CSUN offers two Winter Term components: Dec. 21-Jan. 18 (online classes), and Jan. 2-19 (face-...

Sherry Sidick with One Water LA team

CSUN and One Water LA Address Issues Together

The California drought is over, but the water crisis isn’t. Despite record rainfall, Southern California still has to tackle ongoing challenges of waste water and storm water, watershed storage and conservation. CSUN will help tackle these community issues through the City of...

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CSUN Reaches Top 5 in #MyTopCollege Competition

(August 1, 2017) - “People actually care more about you there!” “Go Matadors”. “Best experience of my life”. With comments like these, it’s no wonder CSUN hit the top five nationally in the Forbes #MyTopCollege competition. Forbes asked students to post about their...

Dr. Rafi Efrat

Tax Law Tackled in Graduate Program

(April 24, 2017) - In 1789 Benjamin Franklin wrote, "In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." But the M.S. Taxation program turns the tax world into a chance to serve the public.