Available cohort schedules are provided below.

Upcoming Cohort(s)

MSW28 Online: Fall 2021


Current & Previous Cohort(s)

MSW25 Online: Fall 2020

MSW26 Online: Spring 2020

MSW24 Online: Fall 2019


Please note: The program cohort schedules are subject to change without notice.

Master of Social Work - Online

Two-year full time program

The MSW online program is a two-year (four-semester), full-time program. Students take two eight-week courses at a time for a total of 20 classes (60 graduate units), plus ongoing 16-week field education classes. In addition to completing regular online assignments, the MSW program typically meets weekly for live, online sessions one week night per week, in each class, between 5pm and 9pm Pacific Time, with a start time no later than 6:30pm. All classes (except field classes) are asynchronous, which means you can attend the live class or watch the recording later at a more convenient time. The specific day time for live sessions will be announced no later than one month before the cohort launch. Rare exceptions may apply. Field classes meet weekly for one hour at a time determined by the instructor and 7-8 students depending on their schedule.

Students are always invited but will not be required to come to the CSUN campus or any other affiliate university campus during the four-semester online MSW program.

Field hours will be 16 hours per week during the entire duration of the program. Students must be available for field placement Monday-Friday, from 9-5pm. Evening and weekend field placements are unavailable. It is not possible for students to complete a field internship at their place of employment. Field placement days and times are determined by the CSUN MSW Field Education Department, based on agency needs, student schedules and employer approval. If offered admission to the CSUN Online MSW Program, students are required to successfully complete a field internship interview. All applicants are advised to review the Field Education Manual and Student Manual for the policies governing the field internship and academic program prior to applying to the CSUN Online MSW Program.