Academic Honesty and Integrity Requirement

Each program participant is expected to complete all assignments in keeping with the CSUN, Academic Colleges, and Tseng College standards for academic and professional honesty and integrity. Any learner found to be in violation of these standards of academic honesty and integrity may receive a failing grade in the course in question and/or may be disqualified from the program.

Cheating or plagiarism in connection with an academic program at a CSU campus is listed in Section 41301, Title 5, California Code of Regulations as an offense for which a student may be expelled, suspended or given a less severe disciplinary sanction. For more information, please go to

Time Limitations for Earning Degrees and Certificates

It is expected that participants enrolling in cohort programs will complete all course work within the scheduled time. If, however, extraordinary circumstances require a student to drop out of the program in good standing, that student may be allowed to join a later cohort with the approval of the program academic lead and The Tseng College director of graduate & professional education programs and services.

Note: University policy requires that all course work for a graduate degree program be completed within seven years of the start date of the first course taken in the program.

Discontinuance of a Program

In the event of a program's discontinuance, all cohorts, once begun, will be taught out through completion.

Temporary Disruption of Attendance

If, for compelling reasons, a participant finds it necessary to miss either a significant number of class meetings or a complete course, the student must consult with the program's academic lead as soon as s/he is aware that class meetings or courses will be missed. Based on the academic lead's recommendations, every reasonable effort will be made to assist students in making up missed classes and assignments. Please note, however, that those who cannot keep up with their cohort may not be able to continue with the program.

Late Change in Academic Schedule for Students in Tseng College Courses/Open University

Changes in academic schedules after the beginning of the cohort for the current academic term and session are rarely approved and will be considered only in cases where the student can provide written proof of extraordinary circumstances that have arisen from events beyond his or her control.

There must be no viable alternative to the requested change, such as repeating the course or enrolling in the course in the following semester. Completion of this form is the first step in the review process and does not imply that the request will be approved. Any request received after the last day of the semester will be considered retroactive.

Late Add/Drop Forms

Withdrawal Policy

It is the responsibility of the student who is no longer attending classes to send a written notification to the program coordinator as a formal withdrawal request from the courses and the University. A student in a cohort who withdraws from courses with permission will receive a grade of "W," which is not calculated in the grade-point average (GPA). Withdrawal without permission will result in a grade of "WU" (Withdrawal Unauthorized), which is equivalent to an "F." For questions regarding course withdrawals, contact the program coordinator.

Any subsequent enrollment requires the student to be readmitted to the University by the relevant academic department and the Admissions Office.

Withdrawing students who receive financial aid funds must also consult with the Tseng College Financial Aid Counselor at 818.677.7523 – prior to withdrawing from the University regarding any required return or repayment of grant or loan assistance received for that academic term.

Note: Simply not attending class and/or attempting (or even succeeding in) stopping payment on a check or payment voucher does not constitute an official withdrawal – nor does simply notifying the instructor. Withdrawal must be made through the formal process outlined above. Without a formal withdrawal, the student will be liable for fees and may earn a failing grade for the course. Further, even with a formal withdrawal, the student may not be entitled to any tuition refund, which depends on the time in the term in which the formal withdrawal is completed as well as the reason for the withdrawal.

Moreover, formal withdrawal is important for protecting the accuracy of the student's academic record.

Payment Deadline, Late Fee, and Refund/Withdrawal Policy

Please view the Payment Deadline, Late Fee, and Refund/Withdrawal Policy.

Single Application

Students may only have one active program application open at any one time during an application cycle. Starting a new application will close out any currently open application. Please note that application fees are non-refundable.


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