Course List (4 courses, 43 Continuing Education Units)

Complete the four-course, Radiologic Tech CT program in two terms, including the clinical education experience of 355 clinical, on-site hours.

NOTE: Course work is 100% online.

First Semester

  • Cross-sectional Anatomy (XRAD 901) online
    By completing XRAD 901 with a 75% on the final exam, students also earn 39 Category A ECE credit from the American Society of Radiologic Technologists.
  • Computed Tomography (XRAD 903) online
    By completing XRAD 903 with a 75% on the final exam, students also earn 21 Category A ECE credit from the American Society of Radiologic Technologists.

Second Semester

  • Cross-sectional Pathology (XRAD 902) online prior to clinical education
  • CT Clinical Education (XRTP 904) 355 on-site clinical hours

Please note that students will not be able to start XRTP 904 ( CT clinical internship) until they have completed and passed XRAD 901, XRAD 902 and XRAD 903 within the last 12 months.

Course Highlights

The following courses have been carefully crafted and purposefully sequenced to form a uniquely integrated program of study. Courses are listed in the order in which they are presented. Later courses build on earlier ones to provide a powerful, cumulative learning experience.

course name units description
XRAD 901 Cross-sectional Anatomy

3 CEUs

Introduction to cross-sectional anatomy with the use of advanced imaging techniques, including Computerized Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Ultrasonography. Includes comparisons of the various modalities in demonstrating anatomy.
XRAD 903 Computed Tomography

3 CEUs

Principles of Computed Tomography provide the Radiologic Technology student with a broad understanding of the applied physics and imaging techniques used in clinical Computed Tomography Imaging. Overviews all five generations of CT imaging with dose parameters and exposure variables will be studied.
XRAD 902 Cross-sectional Pathology

1.5 CEUs

Understanding the basic principles of cross-sectional pathology is an essential part of the radiologic technologist's training. Knowing how disease processes work and recognizing the radiographic appearance of specific diseases can aid the technologists in selecting proper modalities and determining the need for repeat radiographs in different situations.  This kind of knowledge enables the radiologic technologist to become a more competent professional and a contributing member of the diagnostic team.
XRTP 904 CT Clinical Education

35.5 CEUs

Competency-based clinical education in Computed Tomography.  Clinical Skill development in an approved CT imaging center or in a Clinical affiliate medical center for CSUN, which includes: patient positioning, manipulation of exposure factors, image analysis, and methods of patient care. Advanced Imaging techniques in CT will occur over 355 hours of schedule clinical internship within 15 weeks in the spring semester.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is not available for this program.