All International Students on F-1 Visas who attend CSUN must be covered by Student Insurance at all times. Tseng College international students have the same requirements.

Required Minimum Student Insurance
$100,000 Medical/Hospital and
$30,000 Emergency evacuation and repatriation

JCB Insurance Solutions is the company that provides Student Insurance for all F-1 international students at CSUN, including those in programs in the Tseng College.

  • When you purchase insurance through JCB Insurance Solutions, proof will be delivered to the correct office (if you choose the right category). You don’t have to do anything else.
  • Tseng College Students, do NOT use International Students on the drop-down menu!
Use this Chart to Determine which Category to Use on the JCB Insurance Solutions Drop-Down Menu
What Tseng Program are You in? Which Category on the drop-down menu should I use? Who / Where receives proof of insurance?
Tseng graduate programs such as GCBA, M.S. Taxation, MIA, ABA and MPA. International Tseng College Danielle Keesee
Semester at CSUN (SAC) SAC (Semester at CSUN) / Pathways Jessica Isomoto
Student Success Pathway (SSP) SAC (Semester at CSUN) / Pathways
Intensive English Program (IEP) IEP (Intensive English Program)
Both CSUN and Tseng Students approved for OPT. OPT Students CSUN Students: IESC
Tseng College students: Danielle Keesee
Both CSUN and Tseng Students who need Supplemental Insurance. Medical Evacuation and Repatriation

See the Plan Brochure on their website for dates of coverage, costs, etc.

The following is on the Plan Brochure, but for your convenience, here is contact information for JCB Insurance Solutions.

  • Insurance Company: United Healthcare Student Resources
  • PPO Network: To locate PPO physicians and facilities 800-767-0700
  • Benefits and Claims: 800-767-0700
  • Enrollment and Eligibility: 818-686-5131
  • Emergency Travel Assistance Services: Phone number on back of your ID card. Service descriptions and program limitations

Tseng College international students on F-1 visas have the option of buying insurance from other companies but they must provide proof of having the same minimum coverage, including while on OPT. It is your responsibility to submit proof of insurance to Tseng College, as well as each renewal. It can be submitted via email or in person.

If you have medical/health insurance through a spouse or when employed under OPT, you will probably need to buy evacuation and repatriation insurance only (“supplemental insurance”). You can purchase it from the insurance company of your choice as well as from JCB Insurance Solutions. It must provide at least $30,000 to cover repatriation and evacuation.