The University Student Union features several eating options. See its "Food page."

The Matador Bookstore Complex has a food court with restaurant outlets. For more information, visit the Campus Dining web site.

International Programs and Partnerships (IPP) Meal Plan

Students residing in IPP campus housing are included in the CSUN Meal Plan, which provides 10 meals per week. The newly renovated dining hall offers a variety of gourmet food selections. Additional dining options are available at various food courts around campus.

IPP Meal Plan - Frequently Asked Questions
May I live on campus without purchasing the Meal Plan? No. Purchasing the Meal Plan is required because the Meal Plan price is included in the housing fee.
When does food service begin? The food service start date corresponds with the beginning of the academic term selected on your Housing and Meal Plan Agreement.
What does the Meal Plan include? The Meal Plan entitles you to 10 meals per week plus $20 in additional "dining dollars" per week that can be used to purchase food, beverages and other items at different on-campus convenience stores.
How do I use the Meal Plan? Your 10 meals per week are available at Geronimo's in the Satellite Student Union (SSU). Your additional dining dollars ($20) can be used at various campus locations. See Campus Dining for details.
I have special dietary concerns. Can I use the Meal Plan? No matter what your health and fitness goals are, CSUN Dining strives to provide fresh, nutritious and delicious food at all dining locations.
May IPP students who do not live on campus purchase the Meal Plan? Yes. Please contact IPP Housing at