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Very important information to know before registering.

Alert - Enrollment restricted: Approval from department is required to enroll.

Note: Payment of course fees and any lab fees are due at the time of registration.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) Students in these classes earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs).  One CEU equals 10 hours of class participation.  CEUs cannot be converted to academic credit units in the California State University system.  These 900-level courses are identified by “CEU” following the course’s unit value.  These courses become part of the student’s CSUN academic record but have no effect on the student’s overall grade point average.  [However, grade point averages are required for most Certificates in Advanced Professional Development.]
CSUN ID Number An identification number given to every student who enrolls at CSUN. It is used to access your record on campus and to create your User ID and Password so that you can use the CSUN Portal.
CSUN User ID Number and Password Used for online services through the CSUN Portal. Keep your user ID and password in a secure place.
Distance and Online Learning University outreach program that provides education for students not on the CSUN campus.  Distance and online learning include customized online instruction, satellite-capable video conferencing facilities, fully produced "Internet Plus" courses with CD-ROM or DVD, and blended courses that provide a the mix of distance and on-site instruction.
International Programs International Programs and Partnerships Programs for non-native speakers. Offerings include Intensive English Program (IEP), IEP with Conditional Admission (to CSUN), Semester at CSUN and short-term programs.
Intersession/Winter Term Courses offered during the break between CSUN’s Fall and Winter semesters. As in Summer Session, most of the classes are drawn from the university's degree programs and are taught primarily by the university's regular faculty.
Open University Allows students to enroll in university academic-credit courses through the Tseng College without formally applying or being admitted to the university.
Permission Number

Permission numbers replace written approval from instructors for students wishing to add a class beginning the first day of instruction. To add a class online or in person through Open University, you must obtain a permission number from the instructor or department.  See also registration instructions for Summer Session and for Winter Term.

Preparatory A course/condition recommended before enrolling in the course.
Prerequisites A course/condition that must be completed/met prior to enrolling in the course. The registration system will block enrollment of students who have not satisfied prerequisites.
Restricted Class Departments restrict enrollment in some classes. To enroll in a restricted class, you must obtain a Permission Number from the academic department offering the course.
Summer Session Summer Session offers more than 1,000 academic-credit courses each summer during three sessions, six to 12 weeks in length.
001-099 Courses Remedial or sub-collegiate division
100-299 Courses Lower division (freshman or sophomore)
300-499 Courses Upper division (junior or senior)
500-799 Courses Graduate division
800-Level and 499-Level Courses 800- and 499-level courses, and 421-level courses in the psychology department, generate Extension credit. However, these units cannot be applied to a degree or credential at CSUN. (An "EC-PD" following the course's unit value denotes Extension Credit for Professional Development.)
900-999 Courses Extension courses offered through the Tseng College.  These courses cannot be used toward a degree or credential at CSUN.