Canvas Reference for Faculty (a Curated List)

This page contains a curated list of Canvas Guides to help you design and teach your course.

Canvas Interface Overview

Logging in to Canvas

  1. Go to Canvas at CSUN
  2. Log in with your University ID and Password

Profile and user settings in Canvas

Navigation in Canvas

The Course Home Page

Making the course visible to students


Using Discussions

Important terms:

  • Discussions: The discussions function (sometimes called Discussion Boards or Discussion Forums) is an asynchronous communication tool. A course may have one or more discussions. Discussions may be organized by subject (e.g., Assignment 2 Discussion) or chronologically (e.g., Week 1 Discussion). A discussion may have a prompt provided by the instructor, to which students will write responses.
  • Thread or Topic: Discussions are made up of topic threads. A thread is the initial post and the entire series of replies to that post within a discussion.
  • Post: A post is a discussion entry posted to a thread or used to start a thread. Other terms used for this include discussion board message or discussion reply.

Using the Assignment tool



Other Important Tasks