Allowing Students to Share for Presentations

To increase security and reduce disruption in Zoom class sessions, Zoom administrators have changed some of the settings on CSUN accounts. One of these is the default setting for who can share their screen during sessions. Now, by default only the host can share their screen. If you need to allow students to share, it is quick and easy to allow them to do so.

If you have the newest update to Zoom:

  1. From the Zoom toolbar, click the Security button, just to the right of the Video button.
    Screenshot of Zoom toolbar
    Example of Zoom toolbar
  2. Click on Share Screen (the menu will disappear after you click, but if you look again, you will see a checkmark next to Share Screen)
    Screenshot of Security share screen
    Example of Security options

If you don’t have the newest update for Zoom:

You will not have the Security button. If possible, you should update your Zoom application. If not, you can still enable screen sharing by students, as follows:

  1. Click the caret (^) next to Share Screen
    Screenshot of Share screen toolbar
    Example of Share Screen toolbar
  2. From the pop-up menu, select Advanced Sharing Options…
    Screenshot of location of Advanced Sharing Options
    Example of location of Advanced Sharing Options...
  3. Set Who can share? to All Participants
    Screenshot of Advanced Sharing Options
    Example of Advanced Sharing Options...
  4. Close the Advanced Sharing Options