Learning Analytics

Learning analytics uses educational data to improve the quality and value of the learning experience within schools and universities. Rutgers University’s Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research states that it includes evaluating, diagnosing, and providing appropriate scaffolds to help students reach their learning goals. Ensuring students become reflective, self-motivated, and life-long learners is another important aspect of Learning Analytics.

Organizations and Research Forums

Resources for Learning Management System Administrators and Users

Learning Analytics Technology, Tools and Toolkit

  • CSUN Canvas Insights: A Canvas tool custom built by CSUN allowing faculty to easily communicate with individual students based on an early alert.
  • Adult Learning Toolkit (APLU)
  • Knewton: Adaptive Learning Platform
  • Wooclap: Classroom Response System designed to boost audience participation by turning smartphones into a comprehensive learning tool.3
  • Gamification: Motivating First Year Computer Science Students Using Gamification at Laurentian University, Ontario, Canada

Resources for Learning Students Characteristics and Inclusive Teaching

Additional Resources for Teaching and Learning Technologies