Professional Development Resources for Instructional Technologists

What Does an Instructional Technologist do?

From “An instructional technology specialist facilitates technology use at schools and universities through a variety of interactive methods… An instructional technology specialist helps integrate technologies, such as computers, hardware, and software, into educational settings.”

Instructional technologists collaborate with instructors and instructional designers to identify the best uses for technology in instruction, considering many factors, including cost, usability, security, accessibility, and ability to meet the specific learning or teaching goals.

Organizations (Information, Networking, and Professional Development Opportunities)

Resources for Users/Administrators of Specific Learning Management Systems




  • Blackboard Community (knowledge sharing, interest groups, provide feedback to Blackboard product management)

Brightspace (Desire to Learn)

Journals and Newsletters


Not Peer-Reviewed

Accessibility Resources

The resources below provide information related to accessibility of instructional materials and tools.