MPA On-campus / Nonprofit-Sector Management

This option is designed for students who wish to develop professionally in order to perform their current assignments while acquiring additional expertise in managing organizational change, budgeting and financial management, managing boards and volunteers, assessing community needs, and applying strategic planning skills to the public or nonprofit sector.


Required courses

MPA 610 Seminar in Public Administration and Its Environment (3 units)

MPA 620 Research Methods for Public Administration (3 units)

MPA 632D Overview of Nonprofit Organizational Management (3 units)

MPA 630 Organization Theory and Human Behavior (3 units)

MPA 644 Public Budgeting and Financial Administration (3 units)

MPA 650 Seminar in Public Policy Process (3 units)

MPA 697S Comprehensive Examination (3 units)


Elective courses          

(Students choose five from the following list.)

MPA 632E Strategic Planning, Needs Assessment and Program Design (3 units)

MPA 632F Issues and Problems in Human Resources, Board and Volunteer

Management in Nonprofits (3 units)

MPA 632G Nonprofit Finance and Financial Management (3 units)

MPA 632H Funding and Resource Development for Nonprofit

Organizations (3 units)

MPA 632I Program Implementation and Management for Nonprofit

Services (3 units)


Culminating Experience

MPA 697S Comprehensive Examination (3 units)