International Programs and Partnerships at CSUN

California State University, Northridge is a highly regarded public university with more than 30 years’ experience welcoming students from around the world. Every year, nearly 3,500 international students come to CSUN to achieve their goals and to experience life in Southern California. We help you get ready for your next step – whether you want to pursue a degree, study English, or stay for a semester or two and return to your home country to continue your studies.

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Constitution Day

Celebrate Constitution Day at CSUN Sept. 15, 8:30-10:30 a.m., with a free presentation about the power to declare war! CSUN history professor James Sefton and political science professor John Evans of Augsburg University in Minneapolis lead a talk about War Clauses in the Constitution. They’ll discuss the tension between the president as commander-in-chief and Congressional power to declare war.

"CSUN's Constitution Day program will examine what the Constitution says about the war powers of both Congress and the president in today's contemporary environment," said Marcella Tyler, executive director of program advancement for The Tseng College. "Two hundred and thirty-one years ago, 39 forward-thinking delegates to the Constitution Convention signed a document that constructed the framework of our national federal government. The U.S. Constitution is as relevant today as it was then."

Hear what the country’s founders had in mind when they created this classic document. Enjoy continental breakfast as you get different viewpoints. Have your questions and comments ready as we explore the Constitution! The event meets at the University Club-Orange Grove Bistro. Reserve your spot by emailing, or call (818) 677-7131 by Sept. 12. Hope to see you for our Constitution Day event!

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Fall 2018 Open University

Take an academic-credit class this Fall without formal enrollment at CSUN! The Open University program is for those not enrolled at CSUN but who want to take an individual class. Whether you're a community member who wants to expand your knowledge, a student at another college or university, or a professional who wants to add to your expertise, there's a class for you. No need to go through the application process.

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IBS Students at CSUN

CSUN welcomes students from around the world for Summer study in July! The Tseng College partners with the International Business School of São Paulo, Brazil to offer a three-week, intensive summer program. Eighty-six visiting students will take classes in communication, design and innovation; design thinking; and digital companies and e-business revolution.

In addition to coming from Central and South America, the group includes students from the Czech Republic, Ireland, Kenya, Lithuania, Mexico, the Philippines, Spain and the United Kingdom. "They will stay in our on-campus housing and will be fully immersed in the CSUN campus experience", said Vanessa Andrade, associate director of international partnerships and programs development for the Tseng College.

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CSUN's Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis

Some people spent Memorial Day weekend at the beach or on picnics, but some CSUN psychology professors, students in the M.S. in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program and alumni spent that weekend sharing their research at the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) Convention in San Diego. Thousands of professionals from around the world took part in the annual event, which focused on recent advancements in behavior analysis.

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Fall 2018 Semester at CSUN

This Fall we’re launching more than a dozen programs in fields ranging from business and engineering to public sector management.  Classes meet at times and in places that work best for you, and online programs provide convenient access to course material.

It’s not too late to apply! Fall applications close July 2 for the following professionally focused programs:

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