Tseng College Launches Smart Manufacturing Program

Smart Manufacturing Program Launch

Learn how to use data analytics and artificial intelligence to improve manufacturing systems! CSUN's new Certificate of Advanced Professional Development in Smart Manufacturing gives you the skills needed for this vital field.  Smart manufacturing uses computers, robotics, 3D printing and digitization to revolutionize manufacturing and assembly lines.  Students will learn about human-machine teaming and smart/digital supply chains.  They'll work in teams to create their own smart manufacturing pilot project.  Collaborating with other students, they'll create a sustainable system with real-world applications.  

In addition to the technical side, the program gets students ready for leadership by honing their skills in critical thinking, communication, problem-solving, decision-making and teamwork.  The program runs entirely online, but the virtual experience features real-time class sessions, on-demand access to class materials and networking opportunities. Classes start Fall 2021, and students can apply now!