Students from IBS Americas Enjoy Summer Learning at CSUN

Students from IBS Americas Enjoy Summer Learning at CSUN

The Tseng College welcomes visitors from the International Business School Americas of São Paulo, Brazil! They’re on campus in July for a short-term program to study business and design. About 90 students join us from countries that include Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, France, Haiti, Kenya, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Spain, Thailand and The Philippines.

“CSUN looks forward to hosting students from all over the world for our three-week program, in partnership with IBS Americas,” said Vanessa Andrade, associate director of International Partnerships and Programs Development for the Tseng College. The visit immerses them in CSUN and Southern California culture while learning business strategy.  “This group of students is always so engaging and fun to work with,” she said.

The campus is a lot quieter during the summer, but students will get busy with the study of communication, design and innovation; design thinking and innovation; and digital companies and e-business revolution.

And they won’t spend their time just sitting in classrooms listening to lectures. They’ll develop projects and presentations, chat with executives and see creative business approaches in action. The program includes field trips to Disney Channels Worldwide and visits from executives at DC Comics and Warner Bros. They’ll also get a chance to meet CSUN students and faculty, visit Los Angeles points of interest and develop their own business acumen.

“Their experience during these three weeks is extremely valuable to their personal and professional lives,” Andrade said.

Welcome to all!