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In an age of unprecedented growth, manufacturing surges ahead.

Building Smarter

There’s probably a smartphone in your pocket. Or maybe it’s on your desk, next to a pen or some paper. As a matter of fact, everything in your room, smartphone included, is likely the outcome of a long, global process – all to get a product from the factory to the shipping line and, eventually, to...

Two women sitting at round table facing each other.

In A New World, Social Work Leads the Way

The pandemic, if nothing else, exacerbated the unequal distribution of resources in society. For millions of people, access to food, shelter, and health care is now more uncertain than ever. What’s emerging is a new, somewhat dire need for experienced social workers – professionals able to...

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Choosing the Right Program for You

Choosing a program is a big step in advancing your education. Before making your choice, you might, understandably, have a lot of questions: Will this help my career? Do I qualify for financial aid? Who will teach my courses? And, most importantly, is this program the right one?

Professor Mary-Pat Stein with President Bill Clinton and another CGI-U guest standing in front of the CGI-U sign.

Clinton Global Initiative-University Accepts Two CSUN MPH Students

In rather exciting news, two CSUN MPH students, Miriam Sanchez and Ryan Skaggs, were just accepted into Clinton Global Initiative-University (CGI U). The prestigious honor, announced recently, is in recognition of the tremendous work of Sanchez and Skaggs on public health and COVID-19. Launched in...

Close-up view of someone using an Apple smart watch

Science Fiction? Not Anymore.

Your smartphone is getting smarter. Your car is driving itself. And your watch tells you when to breathe. That, as strange as it might sound, is the world we live in. Just look around you. Almost every day, there’s a better or more convenient version of the latest gadget, device or software. And...