This area contains public documents, but is intended primarily for the use of Tseng College staff. Some policy files linked in from this index require the free Acrobat reader program.




  1. CSU Chancellor's Office Executive Orders
  2. CSU Chancellor’s Office, Coded Memoranda
  3. CSU Manuals
  4. CSU Academic Master Plan: Campus Academic Plans
  5. CSUN Faculty Senate and Faculty Senate Standing Committee on Extended Learning Policies and Procedures
  6. CSUN Policies Frequently Referenced
  7. Tseng College Processes and Standards Basic Principles and Guides
    1. Basic Principles in Presenting a Certificate Program to the CSUN Faculty Committee on Extended Learning
    2. Basic Principles of Representing The Tseng College within the University
    3. Basic Principles of Self-Support Programming
    4. Guidelines on Financial Procedures: Purchasing and Procurement
    5. Basic Principles on Policies and Procedures Following Receipt of Student Death Notification
    6. Basic Principles on Travel Policy
    7. Basic Principles for Degree Programs
    8. Basic Principles of Teaching in CSUN Programs for Midcareer Professionals
    9. Basic Principles of Extension Credit Courses
    10. Basic Principles of Student Assistant Hiring, Management and Evaluation
    11. Basic Principles for Identifying and Advancing New Programs
    12. Basic Principles of Program Development for CSUN Self-Support Degree and Credit Certificate Programs
    13. Basic Principles of Online Course Design
    14. Basic Principles on How Self-Support Works in CSU
    15. Basic Principles in Selected Core Capabilities of the Tseng College
    16. Basic Principles of Service Excellence
    17. Basic Principles of Leadership in The Tseng College
    18. Basic Principles of the Senior Professional in Defining and Solving Problems for the College
    19. Basic Principles of the College’s Leadership Team: Collaborative and Individual Responsibility in College Leadership
    20. Guidelines on Policy of Groups Outside the Tseng College Facilities
    21. Basic Principles of the CSUN “Stackable” Curriculum
    22. Basic Principles: Academic Oversight of Self-Support Programs
    23. Basic Principles of the Role of Academic Lead
    24. Basic Principles: The Role and Responsibilities of the Appointed Academic Lead for a CSUN Self-Support Program Prior to Cohort/Program Launch
    25. Basic Principles of Events Planning and Management
    26. University Self-Support Program Roles & Responsibilities of CSUN’s The Tseng College
    27. Basic Principles of the CSUN Approach to Crafting Online Degree and Certificate Programs
    28. Basic Principles for Using Shared Meeting Spaces in EUC
    29. Basic Principles for Searching and Hiring
    30. Basic Principles for Establishing Agreements with International Recruitment Services Firms
    31. Basic Principles of International Programs, Partnerships and Services Focused on Student Success
    32. Basic Principles of Calendaring Time for International Recruitment Trips
    33. Basic Principles of Engaged and Achievement-Focused Student Support