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CSU Chancellor's Office Executive Orders

Title Policy
Changing a Degree Title or Suggesting a New Code  
Assessment of Academic Preparation and Placement in First-Year General Education Written Communication and Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning Courses  1110
Implementation of the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (the “Clery Act”) 1107
Systemwide Multi-campus Centers, Institutes and Affinity Groups 1103
California State University Student Fee Policy 1102
General Education Breadth Requirements 1100
Extended Education: Self-Supporting Instructional Courses and Programs 1099
Systemwide Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Against Students and Systemwide Procedure for Handling Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Complaints by Students 1097
Systemwide Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Against Employees and Third Parties and Procedure for Handling Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Allegations by Employees and Third Parties 1096
Implementation of Title IX, VAWA/Campus SaVE Act, and Related Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Legislation 1095
Educational Broadband Service Contracts 1090
Systemwide Guidelines for Affirmative Action Programs in Employment 1088
California State University Risk Management Authority 1087
Systemwide Nursing Policy 1084
Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect 1083
International Students 1082
Exchange Programs and Campus Activities Abroad 1081
International Agreements 1080
Student Conduct Process 1098
Delegation of Authority to Approve Options, Concentrations, Special Emphases and Minors 1071
Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree Programs 1067
Student Internships 1064
Field Trip Policy and Procedures 1062
Campus Auxiliary Organizations 1059
Complaint Procedure for Allegations of Retaliation for Having Made a Protected Disclosure under the California Whistleblower Protection Act 1116
CSU Fee Policy 1102
Policy on Student Mental Health 1053
Use of Approved Waiver of Liability 1051
CSU Student Debt Collection Practices 1044
California State University Student Travel Policy 1041
Admission by Exception of Military Servicemembers and Veterans of Military Service 1040
Enviornmental Health & Safety Policy 1039
Minimum Requirements for Probation and Disqualification 1038
CSU Grading, Repetition of Courses, Academic Renewal, and Appeals Policy 1037
Credit for Prior Learning 1036
Mandatory Materials, Services and Facilities Fee 1035
Systemwide Records/Information Retention and Dispositon Schedules Implementation 1031
Mandatory International Programs Study Abroad Fee and Italy Technology Fee 1028
CSU System Business Continuity Program 1014
Student Academic Field Experience for Credit Liability Insurance Fee 1012
Delegation of Fiscal Authority and Responsibility 1000
Illegal Electronic File Sharing and Protection of Electronic Copyrighted Material 999
Financing and Debt Management Policy - Project Development and the Systemwide Revenue Bond Program 994
Doctor of Education Degree Programs 991
Student Professional Liability Insurance Fee 986
Optional Summer Term State University Fee Schedules 974
Sales, Service, and Advertising of Alcoholic Beverages 1109
Conditional Admission and Registration 963
Policy on University Health Services 943
Convenience Fee 942
CSU Drug-Free Workplace Policy 930
Complaint Procedures for Protected Disclosure of Improper Governmental Activities and/or Significant Threats to Health or Safety 1115
The California State University Board of Trustees Policy on Disability Support and Accommodations 1111
Delegation of Authority to Impose Discipline 920
Designation of Health Care Components for Purposes of the Health Care Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) 877
Supplemental Fees for Off-Campus Programs 871
Enrollment Confirmation Deposit Fee 863
Policy Statement on Facility Maintenance 847
Special Session Degree and Certificate Program Fee, and College of Science and Mathematics Field Studies Course Fees; California State University, Northridge 844
Supplemental Fees for Off Campus, Self-Support Programs 830
Provisions for the Commission on the Extended University of the CSU 811
Certificates and Certificate Programs 806
Policy Governing the Enrollment of Non-Matriculated Students in CSU State-Supported Courses and in CSU Self-Support Special Session Courses 805
CSU Systemwide International Programs Campus-Based Fees 799
Privacy and Personal Information Management 796
Procedures Governing Self-Supporting Programs Outside the State of California, Conducted Through the Continuing Education Revenue Fund or Local Trust Accounts 795
Centers, Institutes, and Similar Organizations on Campuses of the CSU 751
Procedures for Establishment of New Off-Campus Centers and Approval of Off-Campus Centers 720
Delegation of Authority - Naming of CSU Facilities and Properties 713
Delegation of Authority and Procedures for the Administration of Fee Waivers and Reductions for Employee Training and Career Development 712
Delegation of Authority - Approval of Travel Requests 688
Delegation of Gift Evaluation and Acceptance 676
Delegation of Capital Outlay Management Authority and Responsibility 672
Delegation of Authority to Lease Real Property 669
Determination of Competence in English and Mathematics 665
Survivor Benefits 662
Intellectual Property - Campus Policies 644
Installment Payment Plans 632
Discharge of Accountability (Debts over $1,000) 616
Enrollment Planning Policy for Impacted Campuses and Programs 563
Exemption from Approval for Capital Outlay Equipment List Substitutions 554
Modified Eligibility Indices for Admission 523
Approved Alternative Programs for Completing the Comprehensive Pattern of Collegiate Preparatory Subjects 521
The Consortium of The California State University 377
Policy and Procedure for the Acceptance of Installation of Exterior Artwork on The California State University and Colleges Campuses 276
Governmental Affairs Representatives Program 193
Transfer of Extension Credit 191
Provisions for Extension and Summer Sessions Independent Study Programs Involving Foreign Travel 181
Transfer of Credit 167
Individual Faculty Obligation to Meet Classes 79

CSU Chancellor’s Office, Coded Memoranda

CSU Manuals

CSU Academic Master Plan: Campus Academic Plans

CSUN Faculty Senate and Faculty Senate Standing Committee on Extended Learning Policies and Procedures

CSUN Policies Frequently Referenced

University Policies and Procedures
Written Syllabi For all Undergraduate Courses Written Syllabi for all Graduate Courses
Examination and Religious Observations
Faculty Authored Material
Academic Grievance and Grade Appeals
Responding to Disruptive or Threatening Student Behavior: A Guide for Faculty
Academic Personnel Policies and Procedure - Section 600
Personnel Policies For Temporary Academic Procedure - Section 700
Self-Study Guidelines for Program Review and Program Review Policies and Procedures
Hospitality Expenses Policy
Student Record Administration Policies and Procedures
Drug-free Workplace
General Use of Campus Grounds
Public Meetings, Performances, Rallies, Speakers and Similar Events Policy
University Licensing
University Policy on Smoking
Use of Academic and Administrative Buildings, Excluding the University Student Union and Residence Halls
Vehicle Usage Policy
Cash (Payment) Control and Cashiering
Web Accessibility (900-08)
Waiver/Release of Liability

Tseng College Processes and Standards Basic Principles and Guides

Basic Principles in Presenting a Certificate Program to the CSUN Faculty Committee on Extended Learning
Basic Principles of Representing The Tseng College within the University
Basic Principles of Self-Support Programming
Guidelines on Financial Procedures: Purchasing and Procurement
Basic Principles on Policies and Procedures Following Receipt of Student Death Notification
Basic Principles on Travel Policy
Basic Principles for Degree Programs
Basic Principles of Teaching in CSUN Programs for Midcareer Professionals
Basic Principles of Extension Credit Courses
Basic Principles of Student Assistant Hiring, Management and Evaluation
Basic Principles for Identifying and Advancing New Programs
Basic Principles of Program Development for CSUN Self-Support Degree and Credit Certificate Programs
Basic Principles of Online Course Design
Basic Principles on How Self-Support Works in CSU
Basic Principles in Selected Core Capabilities of the Tseng College
Basic Principles of Service Excellence
Basic Principles of Leadership in The Tseng College
Basic Principles of the Senior Professional in Defining and Solving Problems for the College
Basic Principles of the College’s Leadership Team: Collaborative and Individual Responsibility in College Leadership
Guidelines on Policy of Groups Outside the Tseng College Facilities
Basic Principles of the CSUN “Stackable” Curriculum
Basic Principles: Academic Oversight of Self-Support Programs
Basic Principles of the Role of Academic Lead
Basic Principles: The Role and Responsibilities of the Appointed Academic Lead for a CSUN Self-Support Program Prior to Cohort/Program Launch
Basic Principles of Events Planning and Management
University Self-Support Program Roles & Responsibilities of CSUN’s The Tseng College
Basic Principles of the CSUN Approach to Crafting Online Degree and Certificate Programs
Basic Principles for Using Shared Meeting Spaces in EUC
Basic Principles for Searching and Hiring
Basic Principles for Establishing Agreements with International Recruitment Services Firms
Basic Principles of International Programs, Partnerships and Services Focused on Student Success
Basic Principles of Calendaring Time for International Recruitment Trips
Basic Principles of Engaged and Achievement-Focused Student Support