Master of Public Administration

MPA On-campus / Urban Studies and Planning

Offered in collaboration with the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, this option is designed for students and working professionals in fields such as urban planning, urban design, environmental planning, social welfare, public administration and law. The program offers exposure to different planning environments through field experiences and assignments.

Required courses

  • MPA 610: Seminar in Public Administration & Its Environment
  • MPA 620: Research Methods for Public Administration
  • MPA 630: Seminar in Organization Theory and Human Behavior
  • MPA 640: Public Policy Analysis
  • MPA 644: Public Budgeting and Financial Administration
  • MPA 650: Seminar in Public Policy Process
  • URBS 610: Contemporary Urban Planning in the United States and California
  • URBS 620: Seminar in Comprehensive Planning
  • URBS 630: Sustainable Development and Environmental Impact Analysis
  • URBS 640: Seminar in Planning for Communities and Local Economic Development
  • URBS 690: Field Project in Urban Planning

Culminating Experience (required)

  • MPA 697S: Comprehensive Examination