Online Programs

Designed, built and supported to get results

Online education presents great opportunities for learners of all ages and stages, especially for working professionals interested in advanced degrees or certifications. Being able to watch a lecture from the comfort of the kitchen table, or to participate in a discussion after-hours while wearing one's pajamas, are compelling options. But CSUN's online programs offer far more than just convenience and flexibility. More critically, they have been designed, built and are supported to help busy professionals – many of whom have both families, and full-time jobs – succeed.

The power of community

The curriculum for each of CSUN's online programs has been carefully crafted to give participants a comprehensive educational experience that builds on the experience of each participant. Faculty, practitioners and participants form an engaged learning community that works together through a predetermined sequence of courses, building conceptual, problem-solving and practical skills.

Dedicated support keeps the focus on moving forward

CSUN's commitment to student success is reflected in the exceptionally high levels of personalized service and support enjoyed by students. Each program has a dedicated program manager/administrator who works one-on-one with participants, from application through graduation, providing assistance – and encouragement – along the way.

The online cohort begins with a two-week online orientation that includes mastering the software for the program, so participants are ready to focus on their studies when classes begin. Technical support is available from a real person – a CSUN staff member, based here in Southern California – who cares about the program and its participants. (While they occasionally do sleep, their response to questions is remarkably fast and caring).

Building relationships along the way

No question that students in CSUN's online program seek the flexibility to work at their own pace. But they are never learning alone. There is always time to pose questions and make observations online, and to be a part of the ongoing conversation. Students may in fact get to know their fellow cohort members better than may be possible in a traditional classroom. This is no more evident than on graduation day, when cohort members meet at CSUN in person, joyfully – and often tearfully – for the first time.

CSUN offers most of its online graduate-degree programs through the Tseng College. The university also offers a growing number of online certificate programs that are developed by the Tseng College in collaboration with other CSUN colleges and departments to prepare students for careers or professional advancement in the nation's rapidly expanding health care field.

Access to a wide range of online university courses is available through Open University, administered by the Tseng College.