Master of Arts in Humanities

About This Program

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Designed and offered in collaboration with CSUN's College of Humanities, the interdisciplinary Master of Arts in Humanities program focuses on new ways of thinking based on the best traditions of the world's collective intellectual heritage. As such, the program serves not only as a thoroughly engaging personal learning experience but also as an exceptionally effective career-advancement tool for careers in business as well as in education and the arts.

According to a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, business leaders worldwide are seeking people trained in the humanities because they "are able to apply new ways of thinking to difficult problems that can't be analyzed in conventional ways."

CSUN's master's degree in Humanities is a two-year, 11-course, 33-unit program that draws from most of the disciplines represented in the College of Humanities and also includes the participation of faculty from CSUN's College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Designed for working professionals, the program has a convenient part-time course schedule and is offered in the cohort format, which maximizes interaction with faculty and fosters the development of networking relationships with fellow participants.

As CSUN students, program participants enjoy access to university resources, including the online research capabilities of the Oviatt Library.

Because the scope of this program is exceptionally broad, it prepares graduates for success in a number of areas. Examples:

  • Advancement in the California K-12 system
  • Teaching in the California Community College system and many U.S. universities
  • Creating and/or leading community, nonprofit or private arts organizations
  • Innovation and problem-solving in the business and service sectors

According to a recent study, professionals with advanced degrees in the humanities (including the fields of philosophy and religion) earn an "advanced-degree premium" of 16 percent over the nation's average hourly wage of $23.77 for majors in those fields who did not pursue postgraduate degrees.*

 *Source: "Which Majors Pay Best," Wall Street Journal, April 17, 2012