Communication Disorders and Sciences (CDS) Prerequisite Program

About This Program

This program is offered 100% online.

CSUN’s “Pre-CDS” program is designed for college graduates who desire careers in the rapidly growing field of speech-language pathology but did not major in Communication Disorders and Sciences or Speech-Language Pathology as undergraduates. The two-year Pre-CDS program enables participants to complete all of the required coursework for admission to any master’s-level CDS program in the United States.

The Pre-CDS Program is an academically rigorous program and students hoping to be accepted into Communicative Disorders graduate programs should carefully and honestly evaluate their potential for excelling in their coursework and maintaining a high GPA based on their previous academic performance, their current load of additional responsibilities outside the educational arena, and their motivation. For further discussion students should work closely with their academic advisors.

Features of the Program